It’s not as difficult a question as you might think! Hello folks! This is Hunter, returning from a VERY long hiatus to bring you this multi-part breakdown of The Forbidden Lands! We’ll be going over the setting, the dice mechanics, the character creation, and the out of combat systems that make this game unique. With this all being said, let’s get into answering this question…what are – The Forbidden Lands?

Front Cover of “The Forgotten Lands”

The Forbidden Lands is a tabletop role-playing game (ttrpg) developed by Free League. Your characters find themselves in a country that has, for centuries, been cursed by a mysterious force known only as The Blood Mist. Beyond explanation, the Mist has dissipated for the first time in recent memory, and now the roads are plagued by bandits and adventurers all looking to forge a life out of this new, wilted land. Where once only the Rust Brother’s claimed dominion, now you see sorcerers, fighters, and vagrants from all walks of life setting out to wrest some dominion over this uninhabited waste. And the time has come for you to stake your claim. 

The Forbidden Lands is rich with history, dating back 1000 years (based on what is listed in the core books) and including bloody wars, dark tragedy, and stunning tears in the fabric of the world. A King corrupted by his involvement with Demons has done the unthinkable to extend his life to unnatural lengths, and has thus invited corruption and disease into this once rich and lush nation. It is upon this barren waste that you begin your hero’s journey…well, not quite.

In these lands you ARE NOT a Hero. Your intentions are for personal or professional gain, no more no less. While noble pursuits may be a stepping stone along the way to wealth, they are not your end goal. It is not your duty to save the world, or even to improve it. Plainly put, your job is to make yourself great. Doesn’t matter if the world burns to make it happen. 

The lands are diverse and full of history. Humans are known as betrayers and thieves of land and culture. Orcs are a race created to be slaves, rising up to claim a larger piece of the world than they were ever intended to hold. Dwarves, the creators, consistently looking upon the other races as distractions from their greater purpose. Elves, immortal and proud. Artists of their time unwilling to be sullied by the less clean mortal races they share their planet with. You will play any of the listed races (half-elves, wolf-men, and goblins in addition to the ones above) as a wanderer breaking away from the norm set by prior generations. The world around you is once again free to roam and you will take this opportunity while it is in front of you. And remember, you are NOT a hero.

Rust, a powerful entity worshipped by many

If your ambitions are high enough, and your power well established, you can make a move to overtake the throne of this cursed earth. You have full reign to establish a stronghold for yourself and your party in the ruins of your conquest. Once this is in your grasp, consolidate your power and seize greater conquests until you are unstoppable. A great challenge awaits you in the mountains, an eternal demonic entity with arcane knowledge unknown by the more savory folk of the world. They are your final obstacle on the path to total conquest.

What will you choose? How will you seize what could be yours? The only way to answer these questions is to play The Forbidden Lands!

Thank you so much for reading this article! We have some more content about this system coming up soon, including system mechanics and Game Master tips! In addition to that, we also have some great content about plenty of other tabletop games strewn throughout the website! If you’d like to keep up with our content, you can follow me on twitter here, or follow the blog on all of our social media! (Facebook, Twitter)

Happy Gaming!!

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