We are the nerd collective and we have a pretty simple goal. We want to make gaming more fun and accessible to everyone who might be interested. We plan on doing this by talking about stuff we’ve learned, games we love, and just some tips and tricks that can make anyone’s games go better. All of us have been playing for a while and we all believe in these core principles

Gaming is for everyone no matter who they are. We are not picky at the collective and there is a nerdy game for ANYONE

Gaming is supposed to be fun no matter how you like to play. It doesn’t matter if you play to win or play for laughs, games were made to be enjoyed and that’s why we play them

Gaming brings people together. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, games are designed for interaction. A lot of times it’s friends, beers, and family, but it can just as easily be with strangers or across a competitive table the result is that you are spending time with that person and forming that bond.

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