Alright so I have to fill this text with BS for now because I don’t want to post a spoiler and I have to fill up my preview box. You’re welcome fellow nerds I refuse to ruin an eleven year build up. I’m adding one more sentence just to be sure!

Alright, now that we are past the preview box let’s talk Endgame. The first thing I am going to say is that I loved Endgame. It’s the moment we have been waiting for since phase one marvel movies and I was not disappointed. We got to see these comic book characters break into the mainstream and become household names. Now they are all grown up, their lessons learned, and they are bringing all of it together in one last fight.

What I really wanted to talk about though was a moment of clarity given to me by the movie. I am a CIS man who is married and has a house and car. I’m a pretty normal nerd honestly and so a lot of the “new” marvel characters to the MCU like Captain Marvel or Black Panther (still one of the best MCU movies ever by the way) are not meant for me. I know academically these characters have a very real need to exist and that having characters that you can empathise with help you enjoy something. With heroes though it is so much more than that. Yeah I don’t think anyone will be flying through the air and fighting giant purple aliens, but it’s not about that. When we exam superheroes it is so much more than their acts that inspire us. It’s the courage, the respect, the tenacity, and the ability to overcome odds with what makes them special that inspires us to try to use those same qualities to be heroes in our own ways.

Now when I was a kid I would run around and pretend to be Wolverine, or Spiderman, or even Batman (yeah DC is cool too) and I could relate to these people and use their examples to find inspiration to overcome the challenges in my life. There’s a key question in a childhood like this that I never had to deal with though. What would it feel like to realize that none of these heroes were like me, a CIS white male. Growing up though I was lucky to have some woke parents who helped me out with issues like race and gender inequality, but I never really understood, and still don’t understand completely the psychology of having to deal with issues of race and gender from the perspective of someone who is not me. Some people will say I can never understand, others won’t. All I’m saying is that I recognize where I am.

So que Endgame. It’s the final battle and Spiderman is flying around like an idiot with the universe’s most powerful object in tow and he is finally knocked down. At this point every MCU woman do an awesome action land and creates a wall to protect him. They then promptly do their badass sequence. This little bit of the battle scene is the fan tip of the hat to all the powerful women that make the MCU great. Now I have two choices in this case because there is one glaring fact. This part of the movie was not made with me in mind. I am not a badass woman and I really can’t identify with their coolness. So I can take this negatively or positively and enjoy the movie for it.

Well I did both… now just read with me and I think it’ll make sense soon. So I saw the cool girl landing and was immediately brought out of the movie. I thought “well geez here we go” and looked around the movie theatre. My eyes immediately went to my wife and her best friend watching the movie next to me, completely enraptured in the movie, as they pull off the best fist bump of the century while not looking away. It was pretty epic and it reminded me about what it always usually feels like to watch these movies.

It made me remember why it felt so cool to have a favourite superhero. It reminded me of how cool it was to see my little sisters do ninja combat with their barbies because of how nerdy my family really is. The simple fact is that the closer something is to us the easier it is to empathise with. A powerful black female warrior who has a strong moral compass, a prominent position in society, and can fight and defeat all the challenges in front of her will definitely be a great movie character that I enjoyed watching. What it won’t do though is inspire me to be a strong black woman with the same qualities. I saw Wolverine get up time and time again to do the right thing even though he was thrown down over and over. He fought for a home he never felt he was a part of. It made me feel powerful.

Everyone needs that in there lives and the MCU has been a big tool in teaching me that. Endgame did a good job reminding me of that so if anyone has a problem with strong powerful women in movies, or POC bringing the freaking heat to destroy Thanos, then look no further than the people around you. Look at your wives, daughters, friends, family, or even just strangers. Look at them during Endgame when you might feel exasperated and look at the magic that put you in that seat in the first place. Having that empathy is the first step in a long journey that never really ends for you, but it is a good place to start.

This is my first Article that will really be emphasizing that I want to be talking about stuff other than board games and RPGs. While my other articles won’t be as political or serious, I really hope all of you like the new tone. Anyways here’s our Facebook and Twitter. If you like our content go ahead and give us a like or even follow the blog in the upright corner there. Thanks for reading and as always

Happy Gaming!

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