Well let’s talk about what is going on with life. I recently moved to Arkansas for personal reasons and during the move I had to deal with stuff like selling a house, buying a different house, and, possibly the worst thing, having no internet during the entire process. That being said I’ve had a chance to look at my blog and reevaluate what is going on with it. So it’s time to talk about some of the things I learned.

First off let’s talk about the podcast. I don’t think that we were able to set up the content that we really wanted on the website. Whether we are talking about audio quality, a difference of opinions for content, and even casting. These problems affected what we wanted to do and how we were doing it. Even with our awesome sound guy who came in to make later episodes that did not make it to the site we still had issues that made our work deeply flawed. With that being said we will be taking the podcast down for now and putting something back up later after the collective has some time to figure out what we want to be producing.

Now let’s talk about how what we write has rules to it. There are statistics and rules for writing blogs to make them work better and while writing is something that you always get better at, it shouldn’t be something formatted to get publicity. We will be promptly throwing out those rules to try to get our points across and to hell with statistics. We won’t grow as writers if we are focused on making sure our points fall in between a certain number of words or follows a bullet point format. This thinking is what gives us Facebook spam articles trying to hone in on our interests for whatever nefarious purpose.

We are closing down the patreon for now. It’ll still be active but we won’t be plugging it. It is definitely not the time. We shouldn’t even have to explain that one.

We are going to write about what we are playing instead of playing what we want to write about. I know that sounds silly but when you are trying to write about stuff you tend to curve your interests towards the things you think people want to read about. That can affect how you view a hobby pretty heavily and I think it has caused some pretty unhealthy burnout with me (nickenomics) and I suspect my other writers too. So yeah I got a switch for christmas and I want to write about some of that as well as my other experiences. The blog has always been about showing other people what we love about gaming and how they can do be involved in the hobbies we enjoy, so if I get someone to spend over 50 hours playing banner saga (which is an incredibly rewarding experience) then we are still doing what we intended to do in the beginning.

With all that and more we still have to plug the social media. I hope you all enjoy the new look and remember you can check us out on Facebook and Twitter (which we will try to be better at updating.)

Happy Gaming!

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