So about six months ago we at the Nerd Blog Collective got to play a really fun game in development called Rap Godz. We wrote a little bit about it in our article about the Game Expo, but now we got a chance to play a review copy. With that being said there was still some unfinished work so I will be using pictures that the Board Game Brothas took themselves of a more prepared product. That being said it’s time to talk about this game.

I want to say that I liked this game. I can’t think of anything negative to say about it really, but that’s what you get when you are constantly play testing your game at cons and at home. If you follow the Board Game Brothas on Facebook or Twitter you can see that they have done their leg work needed to make a great game.


Let’s talk about the presentation of the Rap Godz first. Everything looks great from the board to the card art, and it all screams Hip Hop. The games layout is a turntable that keeps track of turns and rounds. The rapperz (player’s) skill, money, and street cred are all kept track of on the record sitting on the turntable itself. Each card adds up to tell a story of all the different parts of a Rap Godz career. Player can sell their first album out of their trunk, and then they end up making international tours. The scaling in career and ability helps the flavour of the game and by the end you feel like you’ve been on a really cool journey. The humor of the game also has an effect as well. Every player that was at my table ended up laughing, joking, and having fun, so if you are into that kind of board game than this is for you.

The mechanics of Rap Godz are not very complicated. This is not the kind of game players spend four hours planning strategy over. Players will build their rap skillz over three albums, or rounds. Each album has five tracks, or turns, and players play cards that represent the players career during that track. Of course players can also attack each other with a “beef” that outlines a mistake in your rap career. Side note, the Beefs scale just like your career moves. There is not much dice rolling and honestly with everything all printed with no art the rules could probably fit on two pages. There are some elements for strategy though. Players have to develop their career carefully to get point bonuses as rapperz battle for cities, rewards, and personal career bonuses. This means that players have to do more than just fight to be the best and will actually have to be careful if they want to afford later cards, or win these end of game points.


I think the only thing I have to say about this game is that it is hitting Kickstarter in two days. If you are looking for a something that will entertain your friends from a game company that loves the hobby then you’re in luck.

Rap Godz is coming to Kickstarter this Wednesday so be sure to sign up for the notification on this link. You can also check out their Twitter and Facebook if you want to know more about the game. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more articles about all sorts of gaming topics. Be sure to check out our other articles with the links below and as always,

Happy Gaming!

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