Well its finally time. I got to read all the way through the Realms Over Terrinoth Supplement for the Genesys RPG and now I have opinions. Some of them are good and some of them are bad so without further typing here we go.

Compared to Other world supplements this book does not stack up. I have seen some of the world supplements for pathfinder for example, and there just simply does not compare in the amount of useful GM information. The world of Terrinoth is an interesting setting of course, but the book contains only about 40 NPCs. Plus the original 6 or so in the Genesis core book is just not enough for an extended campaign. For fifty dollars I would expect a book that does not need any extra work. The main problem though is that this book plays out more like a very long story then a RPG book. There are stats for items and other things like that of course but mostly the book focuses specifically on lore. Compared to DnD or other established RPGs this game just does not have enough in it.

On that note though, it is not like the book was a total flop to me. Terrinoth is an awesome setting and after reading all of the lore of it I honestly want to run a campaign here. The art in the book looks good just like all the other things released by FFG and it is inspiring to see. I can definitely envision the adventures all over the steel kingdom that my players could do, but this also brings me to one more issue. There are a ton of unsolved mysteries that are presented to the source book with no solution to them. Some of these mysteries are big things like possible lost societies and species. It’s all good and well to tell me that no one knows where an ancient and hidden evil temple is, but as a GM I need to know where these locations are. It feels like I’m reading a story without being able to see behind the curtain. Half of the story from the GMs perspective is behind the curtain so now I have a lot more work to do.

Do not get me wrong, I love GMing and creating mystery and letting everyone have to work around that and uncover it is what a GM does. The problem is that when you buy other settings then the details that effect the world should be made known to a GM.

I guess there is not too much that I am talking about that is good in this game, and the reason why is because Realms Over Terrinoth actually costs more then the Genesis core book. It is larger too but it does not really capitulate the setting for a game to be made. The maps are not detailed, the settings are more stories. For the content in this book I would pay half the price of the actual book. I do not know if the book looks this way because FFG is not used to these kinds of supplements. I do know that the Star Wars RPG has more mechanics and content in it. I can say that I was expecting more with this book.

All of that being said, I’m going to use what I bought and try to run a campaign for sure. I love the narrative dice system so I am going to try and run this fantasy setting. Maybe I will wright another review at that point but only time will tell.

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Happy Gaming!

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