I do not usually talk about things I do not like in the gaming community. I make a conscious decision to try and talk about the things that I like because there is a lot of good things in our community to purchase, enjoy, and write about. That being said the more that I read various RPGs and kickstarters  the more I run into a very common problem. The creation of an RPG idea in response to something the creator does not like.

Let me get this straight. The industry standard of RPGs is Dungeons and Dragons. Whether anyone likes it or not, the D20 system is wildly popular and iconic. It is how almost anyone is exposed to RPGing as a hobby, and it is marketed pretty well in comparison with other games. The thing is that when you get more and more into the hobby people naturally tend to expand out. I’m not saying that every person that plays DnD will eventually find problems with it and move on or something. I moved past DnD because I wanted a game that was set in the Star Wars universe and ended up picking up the narrative dice system. People tend to explore hobbies and whatever that reason is, it’s almost always a good thing. The thing about these games is that they are not always made by teams of people. A lot of times in the indie community games can be made by one to five people that just want to make their ideas come true.

With all of that being said I have to say that I hate it when a creator decides they do not like an aspect of gaming and they base their idea off of it. Any book you read has a tone no matter what you’re reading and it erks me whenever I read a RPG ruleset that was made for people who hate DnD. When people make games that are not overly complicated like soooome other game that involves dragons and dungeons. Or is for a more distinguished roleplayer that just can’t get over how restricting some ooooother D20 systems are. The thing is that those ideas sound okay. I would love a streamlined experience to a D20 system or a narrative focused game. I would also love tactical style experiences or a lot of things that different games have to offer, but when a RPG book reminds me not to fudge dice rolls when I am rolling for background then it becomes less about making a random character and more about a game maker not liking it when the people they normally GM for try to power game or take away narrative control from the GM. My least favourite example of this kind of thing is when a game has been made because someone just hates Dungeons and Dragons. It would be like if someone made basketball just because they hated soccer so much that their mind came up with opposite rules. It would not be that basketball was a bad game. It would be annoying that everytime they talked about basketball it would only be discussed as the opposite of soccer.

Now not every RPG out there is like this. Other games that are produced by established companies almost never carry that attitude and there are plenty of people just trying to make their own idea that works and is fun. One of the reasons I like Fantaji and other Anthropos games so much is that I have talked to the main guy who makes the games, Calvin, and he has never once compared his ideas negatively to other systems. Mostly he assumes the people that play his games are people who can function normally and do not need any post printed instructions on what fun is.

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Happy Gaming!

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  1. I agree, with both your sentiment and your point. What I also find funny, is the D&D’s very own rules allow for you to, well change the rules, and if you don’t like how something works/feels then just change it. I myself like playing D&D AL, but I also enjoy playing homebrew, and I also enjoy DMing the “D&D light” mod. that I have personally developed that utilizes simplified character creation and abilities (mainly allowing almost limitless imagination, constrained by the roll of 1-6 Rory’s Story Cubes).
    What is most unfortunate is that those who already have that distasteful sentiment toward D&D (and any other system) won’t listen to this article, nor acknowledge that they too like to change it up every once an awhile…


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