Heraclitus is a famous Greek philosopher, and he revealed a deep truth about tabletop gaming when he coined the famous term “You can’t cross the same river twice.” In reality he was talking about how the world is in constant change, but us gamers can take a big lesson from this too! That lesson is that you can never play the same character twice!

When you get in a dope ass river and you know it’ll never happen again.

Let’s talk about different systems here real quick. There are about ten billion different systems from running a failing record store, to putting the galaxy back into balance and RPG players have so much opportunity to do amazing and great things, or evil and terrible things. The point here is that your loner ranger with daddy issues may not translate so well to other situations and game settings. Or maybe you have been playing an extended campaign with a group of committed players and your chosen one to save the obscure group of people from a cataclysmic event dies. That would be a real head scratcher having another savior of a different cataclysmic event show up. I mean how many cataclysms can one world really have, and what are the odds that they keep ending up in the same party? When a character for an RPG is made it is almost always a beautiful thing, but when that character just will not go away it just gets sad. It’s like that guy that will not stop hanging out with the high school kids, but he is twenty five. Or maybe an animal that is in terrible health but will not give up. It just becomes more and more painful to watch, but wait! There is hope!

Recognizing that your old player trope is getting old is not the end of your RPG playing career and there is a way out of that rut. We here at the Nblogcollective have what it takes to get you out of that rut. You can take a refreshing dip in a brand new river every time you play by doing just a couple of things and I think I’ll start with the truly desperate. Namely those with writer’s block. It is a terrible disease that can kill creativity before it even starts, and has claimed more writers than even procrastination! There is a cure though, and that cure is random dice rolling.

Try categorizing your options, dividing those options into a dice roll, and then let those suckers fly. Randomizing character creations will ensure that you don’t end up with the same thing, and the results will bring you out of your RPG comfort zone. Whatever you end up working with will probably be a little crazy, but at the same time you will experience almost any game in a new light because of it.

Another idea for changing up your character creation is to just do the total opposite of what your last character was doing. Play the rival faction, go from tough and independent to weak and clingy, or change the powers you use completely. By going for the opposite of what you previously had made you will be guaranteed to have a totally different experience! There are a couple of issues with that. If your dead character was the hero in a group of death dealers then adding another death dealer may not help everyone, or you may just not have fun with something that is the antithesis of what you have already made. That is fine you do not have to make a Bizaro to make something good, but the Injustice Superman is a really compelling character compared to the regular Superman. Think about things that you can change about your character that would make them change or be dynamic. Challenge yourself mechanically too and see what you end up creating.

The third thing I can say works really well is just plain coming up with a new idea. If your having a hard time talk to your GM about your setting lore and integrate from there. Odds are your GM has some piece of lore that will intrigue you. Use that cornerstone to make up another intriguing character that is involved with its surrounding.

The last thing about making characters is that maybe your party is okay with having the same characters, then refer to the always have fun rule. After all Pythagoras believed that there was nothing new under the sun and he did pretty well for himself I would say. I still think though that changing it up will give you a better, and more dynamic perspective on gaming!

Thanks so much for reading up on my post about making new characters. If you liked this article then be sure to check out our other articles with the link below. Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon @nblogcollective, and as always,

Happy Gaming!

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