Reading Hunter’s article about Different RPGs and what they offer really inspired me to write about why I think it’s important for anyone into RPGs to play as many as possible, or at least more than one.


When I started playing RPGs (I was about twenty one or twenty two) I was playing Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. I did not really know any other RPGs and this was my intro into the hobby. As I played my ranger that had three pages worth of character stats with at least two other pages, I was living in bliss thinking that I was playing the epitome of all that was RPG. This opinion was empirically wrong. The real fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as the best RPG. There are just your favorite RPGs. With that being the case I would like to offer some good points as to why you should try out a new RPG every now and again.


    1. RPG settings can get stale or repetitive. A lot of times players and GMs will pick the same themes and tropes over and over. I’ve had friends who have played DnD all their lives and always play the same class. This lack of movement means that if I play with them I have to think “do I want to play with this barbarian this time around?” On top of that it’s easy to fall into a sort of TV show plot where players kind of go through the same formula over and over. While challenging yourself and consciously thinking about how you are playing can take care of this, it is easier to have to rethink yourself with different mechanics and different character options.
    2. New settings can be really fun. The RPGs we play and love often times emulate the settings and surrounding that we also love. Games that are especially good have miles and miles of exposition that we get lost in all the time. The effort and love that game creators put into their games is worthy of the highest level of respect to me. That being said while someone may have their favorite settings and books, no one reads just one book. Hunter’s favorite book series is the wheel of time series, and I personally love the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, but we don’t solely devote ourselves to these books. I also love to read other things like John Scalzi, Orson Scott Card, or even academic books like stuff written by Joseph Campbell. Players and GMs should also not limit themselves to just one dice system or setting likewise. There are tons of different experiences out in the great wild yonder and you may find something that is totally different that matches your preferred style ten times more than what you have now.
    3. New RPGs can spawn an interest in GMing. If you are always GMing or always playing and you want to change things up a bit than talk to your party. A game change is the perfect way to change roles in games. As interest flows and changes a party can keep up with that more with the injection of new systems.
    4. Knowing more information from other games will always make your game more rich. No matter what happens any game you play is going to have one or two problems. Having a base knowledge of just RPGing in general will help players and GMs handle these flaws and come up with good well thought out solutions to them. Even if you are stuck on DnD and pick up the Advanced Player’s Guide for Pathfinder you can have so much more happening in your game in the best way possible. Games like Fate, Gurps, Lamentation of the Flame Princess, Numenera, Damn the Man Save the Music, Genesys, Everyone is John, Honey Heist, All outta Bubble gum, Fantaji, and so very much more are not usually the first game a player gets to play. Unless you have a friend who has already done the leg work and is bringing you into the hobby the odds are you will not play these games.




These are a couple of reasons why I think it’s important to pick up some new RPGs. If you have any good ideas for why players and GMs should pick up new RPGs be sure to let us know in the comments below. If you liked my article be sure to share it with the links below and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @nblogcollective. Also be sure to check out our Patreon page and see some of the cool backer rewards that we have. Thanks for reading and as always,


Happy Gaming!

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