As many of you know from Nick’s newest article, we we’re at the GamExpo in San Antonio! One of our main goals while there, apart from meeting developer’s, was to introduce people to some of our favorite games. I ran The Wheel of Time RPG, which I wrote about pretty recently, and Nick ran both FFG’s Age of Rebellion/Mouseguard. To be honest, I was really nervous and apprehensive about playing this game. I had one adventure prepared, and I was truly worried that I would have the same players all three days and they would get tired of the game sooner rather than later.

That was NOT the case. Every day presented a new group of people, all of whom experienced a different game and played their characters totally uniquely. There players all brought their unique flairs for both comedy and drama to the table each day. My nerves completely faded by day two, which saw a huge number of people streaming through the door and checking out the games. It was an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

But hey, this wouldn’t be an nblogcollective article if we didn’t offer a bit of advice would it? So what can you do as a gm in a public place? Well the first advice I will give you is to shake the hands of the people running your forum. Whether they’re just in charge of the room or they run the whole event, they will remember your face and send people your way. After all, you’re essentially an employee for the weekend!

Secondly, keep a smile on your face. Most people probably haven’t done this either, so an inviting demeanor will make them feel more comfortable playing at your table. This also helps people feel more open to the idea of playing the game without social reservation. Players have more fun after the nerves go away, and the more comfortable they are, the better experience they will have.

Finally, just remember to have fun. Even if your campaign is the same thing everyday, it’s all in good fun. No two games are played the same, so even if the narrative is the same, the game itself will be different. Roll with the punches, and flex your creative muscles a little bit. Be open, be responsive, and have fun with the game so matter how it turns out.

Overall running games at a convention is a whole lot of fun, and something that I would suggest everyone try once in their life. The GamExpo Isa great place for it, so if you can make the trip, be sure to show up next year! We will see you then!!

One final note, I took a quick break from The Hand of Power to talk about this expo, but it will be returning next week! Keep your eyes open for more insight into GM styles and their impact on a game!

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We do all of this for you, so we really appreciate your dedication and feedback! Hope to meet some of you next year the The GamExpo 2018!!

Happy Gaming!


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