In light of the past few weeks and also the past few years I thought we have come to the point in time where we should discuss what we are talking about in the Nerd Blog Collective’s about page.

I’m going to start by talking about the political context of this article and why I do not like politics on the site. By having a political opinion this website can start a subcontext going in one direction or the other and that divisive subject that can alienate people from almost any direction. That is not what gaming is about, and it never has been in our opinion. While our writers do have  their own political, religious, and other personal beliefs and opinions we try hard here to make sure that our website is just about the games, and that is still the case even here talking about this.

Gaming is for everyone sounds like an easy thing for someone to say. It’s simple to say “Yeah anyone can play games who cares” but putting it to practice is much more difficult. Let’s start by talking about the physical implications of this statement and then move into the morality or philosophy.

This statement has two main claims in one statement and the first is just about the sheer volume of boardgames. From Monopoly and Sorry, to Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons there is something for everyone. Families use boardgames to spend time together and friends use them to compete. Either way there are so many games out in the market that you can find something that peaks anyone’s interest.

There is also a moral standard to this statement though. There are so many different people involved with our hobby and it’s a good thing. People of different gender, race, creed, nationality, and other qualities all come together in order to experience whatever it is they are looking for. It’s our responsibility to look after each other. What I mean by that is that it is our responsibility as gamers to make sure that we are welcoming people into our hobby. We have to encourage others to game and play. Most importantly though, we have to ensure that our hobby is a safe place for other people. Gaming is not something that we do to prove how much better we are then others, or to single people out. We play games to destress and to enjoy ourselves. We do not need to be worried about if the other person at the table hates us for our political views or skin color. The only ones policing this is ourselves and it is important to make sure that we hold ourselves accountable. This makes sense from a business standpoint too. If gamers can’t feel welcome in shops or tournaments then how will we grow as an industry. The places we game are sacred because anyone can walk in and anyone can play. So when we say that gaming is for everyone we aim to advise and talk about things that will bring people together and not disclude our fellow gamers. We believe that it’s important for everyone to embody this spirit.

Gaming is supposed to be fun no matter how you like to play. We at the Nerd Blog Collective love gaming and all the games we play we play for fun. We love talking about games too so we made a website! There’s so many different ways to play though and none of them are illegitimate. There’s competitive play, and casual play. There’s board gaming, war gaming, RPG play. There’s narrative RPGs, and rule based RPGs, and a million philosophies about them. There’s euro games, dice rollers, social deduction games, and so much more. The list goes on and on and gets subcategorized into a big beautiful mess and while this should go to “gaming is for everyone” I think it belongs here and let me tell you why. Sometimes we can convince ourselves that the games we play are fun or that they don’t leave us more stressed out or angry. If I play X-wing too much I can find myself being upset and I have to stop. There’s a point to all of this though. If you are getting mad at a game then just stop playing it. Sometimes people play too much or they just have the wrong fit. Find what you enjoy and play that instead. In the end you’ll have so much more fun with the hobby because honestly, I don’t know any games designed to make you hate them… other than the general being a sore loser/winner… or games meant to be cathartic in nature. The point is if you aren’t enjoying the hobby it could be because you don’t enjoy gaming, but it could also be that you are just playing the wrong games and you need to pick up something new then go for it.

Gaming brings people together. We live in such divisive times with people that we can even see others as enemies all around us. These lines bind us into groups of people that are ideologically shut off from each other and these differences are creating strife and gridlock. Gaming actively works against this separation and people even have fun while they do it. Gaming like this is not like video games where people hide behind screens to get mad at each other. There is real face to face interaction in gaming like this and if we can keep in mind that gaming is for everyone then you might be surprised at the friends you will end up making. No matter what you play and how though, you will always find the interactions can lead to friendship and better games.

Thanks for reading today’s article. I will be talking about board games again next week as usual but I felt it was important to explain what we were about a little bit more. If you like our article be sure to like and share with the buttons below. Also be sure to check out our Patreon page and some of the awards there. I would like to say Thank You to all of our backers for their help with the website. Also we have a Facebook and Twitter @nblogcollective that you can follow if you want to see the games we are playing. Thanks again for checking us out, and as always,

Happy Gaming!

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