Time for another week of awesome and amazing things on KickStarter. This weekend is great for KickStarter. It’s just too bad we can only cover three things.


Elo Darkness: This game can best be described as a board game MOBA. The game boasts as large variety of a variety as any MOBA worth it’s salt. With 400 plus cards you get 30 heros with hundreds of options that modify weapons and abilities. What drew me to this game though was the box art and quality of production. This game is certainly well thought out. The KickStarter even comes with it’s own lore book.


All or One: This is a social deduction game that is a little morbid. All of the players are set in a room, all with secret objectives, and the only rule is that some one has to be sacrificed until there is only one person left, or you will all die. I love social deduction games because of how they make people think about each other and this game takes the cake. Each player has a specific role and it may not be to just survive. It makes me think of bang, except every player is the renegade.


Tiny Dungeon: Now for a bit of role playing. Tiny dungeon is a RPG setting designed to get players rolling. Characters make a few narrative choices and then a few mechanical choices. After that you roll from one to three d6’s and determine success from here. My favorite part of this game though is the “microsetting.” These are various settings created by various writers under different fantasy tropes and some of these people are pretty famous. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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