So I decided to do things a little bit differently this week. Normally I will write an article giving some advice or opinion about topics surrounding gaming as a whole. Today i’d like to be a little bit more casual about everything. I’m going to talk about some shows or books or genres that I think would make really fun and interesting tabletop paper RPGs. To my knowledge nothing in this article has a paper RPG associated with it (fan made games or homebrews not included), i’m just saying that they’re things that would fit this genre of gaming well. Without further ado let’s jump into this thing!!


Dark Souls/Bloodborne


WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!! Calm down! I know dark souls has a tabletop game already. However, to my knowledge it does not have an RPG associated with it. The game that is on the market right now is a miniature game more similar to Star Wars: Imperial Assault than it is to Dungeons and Dragons. An RPG set in either of these worlds would provide a deep and rich setting for players to engross themselves into and a plethora of unique and challenging tasks to face. It is a game that really makes the players focus on their every move and only gets more satisfying the smaller your party is. There is no shortage of challenges that the GM can throw into the mix to keep things fresh and the bosses would serve to drive a hard nail into the psyche of the players. The reality of death in these games would inherently provide tension and a constant inflow of new personalities into the party should any major mistakes be made. If the players are able to survive the character development is going to be simple but deep and meaningful in a way that draws the table closer together. Players can choose to be in a more magic heavy game, Dark Souls, or a more gothic, horror based world, Bloodborne. These options provide a diverse and thought provoking experience that pretty much any player can enjoy.


Personally there are a few key points that I would enjoy about this game. One, there is a host of interesting background characters for the players to interact with. Especially in Bloodborne, battling these NPCs would be a breath of fresh air for players and GMs alike. Hunter fights would be an easy and intense way to make the players sweat a little bit in an otherwise dull game. Second the world is rich and has plenty of diverse areas to adventure through. Whether it is large castles or claustrophobic sewers, these games would offer a never ending thrill as the players run around these areas and discover all of the hidden secrets held within. Lastly the challenge would be a hugely rewarding part of the game. You could take pride in what you’ve accomplished at the end of every session, and completing a full campaign with one character, while difficult, would be the most rewarding feeling on the planet.


The Night Angel Trilogy


For any of you who haven’t read Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy, go read it. Now. Like, NOW. There is no time to waste! You’re missing out on one of the freshest and most original fantasy settings I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The protagonist is a deeply refreshing and relatable character. The entire main cast has something to love about them and there isn’t a weak showing from anywhere in the bunch. The idea of magic is interesting and original, and the artifacts shown follow that same thread. It is like seeing the old, sad king of tabletop settings in a bright and vibrant new life that draws the attention of those new and seasoned in the realm of fantasy. As a game setting, it would follow many of the same tropes that your traditional fantasy setting has, but the flavor and flow of events would be very different. The Night Angel setting would, in my opinion, be the perfect marriage of Dungeons and Dragons and The Mistborn Roleplaying Game. As a player, you would most likely be an outlaw working against a mostly corrupt government, and magic (called Talent) would probably not be the most useful tool at your disposal. In fact, it is very possible that your character would not even have access to Talent. Hard skills like natural stealth, agility, fortitude and strength would be the most important features for your character in a world that doesn’t fully understand what Talent truly brings to the table.


One of my favorite things about this world is the dynamic between good people and bad deeds. In the novel you follow an assassin with a heart of gold as he focuses his trade to save his love from poverty. With a main story like this, a GM can provide a world that really encourages rich narrative and character building. The players would have every opportunity to find a true reason for their characters to live the life they have chosen. Also, reading the books wouldn’t be as much of a requirement in this world as it would be for many other book-based games. This realm is built on realism, so a lot of the “rules” of the world are easily translated into what the players already understand.


Steven Universe


Okay, so I know this one might not appeal to everyone. It’s a kids show right? How on earth could it make an interesting paper RPG? Well…just trust me. The show is fantastic in terms of storytelling. The characters are cheeky and loveable. The show will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will never leave you uninterested in the story. There are many different gems and characteristics attached to them that the characters can choose from, and even opportunity for players to offer new gems for them to play. This game would encourage the players to input their own creativity and ideas into their character creation, and creating gems would be so much easier than trying to create a new race/class in any other RPG. The characteristics of the gem (as a race) are defined by the natural characteristics of the gem in real life.


The thing that I would love about this game, besides just being in the universe, is the low barrier to entry. It is a setting that encourages free thinking and creativity rather than strictly defined limits. Children could pick up this game and play pretty easily, and a lot of them would already be familiar with the show. Adults who pick it up would be shown something completely different from any RPG that they’ve played before. They would see a game that applies a strong narrative to bright a vibrant world that is so easy to get lost in. This game, more than any other that we’ve mentioned, is counter-culture to an extreme. It would be a brilliant game for all ages that would never fail to impress.


What are some world that you guys would like to experience on the table top? What unique features would they bring for us to experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts on games that would take the industry by storm! Leave a comment and let us know what your think!


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Thank you again, and as always…

Happy Gaming!

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