Saladam was a rather large country located on the northwest side of Illimastos. It is the country that most dare not visit for fear of unjust trial and persecution. This fear, and the responsibility for it, resonated from a man named Maroe. Many called him the Dark King due to his cruel and unwavering sense of twisted morality. King Maroe is the man who exiled many from his court for nothing more than speaking out against his thoughts. Many of those who were exiled ended up dead within the day. The laws of the land were oppressive and unforgiving for the people who lived there with nowhere else to go.

It is important to know that King Maroe’s power was a direct result of his magical ability. He was a sorcerer of the highest order, respected begrudgingly by his peers and other monarchs. He had overthrown the previous King and placed himself as the ultimate authority and made known his plans to rule all of Illimastos.

Now, to understand Maroe’s largest weakness you must first know that magic was a rare skill in this time. Only those rare few born with the ability to cast and those dark folk that pledged their souls to Devils long forgotten were even able to draw upon magic. That all would change during the sinking of The Spires of El’Riam by the gods. The amount of power that was expended there rent a hole into the fabric of reality, allowing a tide of magic to inhabit the world and many that could not touch magic before now were shown a new path.

One such individual was a young girl by the name of Alyn. She was a maid servant of no consequence or value within Maroe’s castle. When the spires fell she saw the fabric of the world spring in front of her eyes. She knew at that moment her life has purpose and meaning greater than any in the world. She would kill the Dark King.

Obviously, this was much easier said than done, so Alyn bided her time until she knew what the limits of her magic were. She learned about magic and it’s use by observing the Dark King and how he brought spells into reality. Alyn imitated him in secret until she could do basic spells at will. No more than three months had passed before Alyn was confident enough to make her play, but she still needed to wait for the right time. The Dark King would need to be distracted if she wanted to succeed.

Her opportunity came sooner than she expected when a young man, no more than thirteen years old, was brought before the king for theft. His family was starving and he had tried to steal some food. The King saw any theft the same as stealing from the crown and quickly demanded the boy’s death. In fear, the boy lashed out, and to everyone’s surprise, he cast a spell. It was simple, just a small book of force that pushed back anyone close and allowed him to start running. The Dark King Maroe raised his hand to end the young man’s life, but once Alyn saw him pulling upon the magic around him she made her play. With all the strength she could muster, Alyn blasted the floor and ceiling surrounding the throne. She lifted the ancient stone underneath the chair and rent the ceiling from its place, causing them to meet in the air with naught but Maroe’s body to stop them. There was a sickening crunch when the two groups of stone met one another, and a resounding crash as Alyn released her magical hold on the stones. They clattered to the ground in a shock-silent room.

In that silence, Alyn walked atop the Dark King’s grave and declared Sadalam free of his spite and hatred. It would now be a land of prosperity and hope. A beacon of fruitfulness and progress that drew people from all over the world into its borders. Alyn, soon considered to be the first Queen of Sadalam, had a large portion of the palace repurposed to the study and teachings of magic for those that were able to learn it in this new world.

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