With vacation here and gone it’s time to start back up with our KickStarter articles. We’ve found some cool stuff for games this week and I’m pretty happy about.

45dff1516cfc1f1fa12f2d5801563997_originalTubular Buildings: This is for the Wargamers out there. Tubular buildings is one of the coolest props for wargaming I’ve seen. You’ll be sure to turn heads when you bring one of these buildings into your game shop. The base buildings are pretty cool on their own and come with things like retractable doors. What really adds value to these buildings are the LED lights that can be added in. That plus the fact that you build and paint these buildings makes every piece unique and interesting.


Gauntlets and Goblins: This game is an answer to a problem that I’ve seen asked on reddit many times. That question is “how do I play with my kids?” Most people respond to that question with some of the easier RPGs to play but other then ‘Princess and Palaces’ I haven’t really seen any actual games designed for kids. Gauntlets and Goblins is a direct response to gaming with your kids. Stats and classes are put on cards so its easy for kids to visualize stats. Not only that the rules are streamlined and built around kid friendly rules. Now you can GM for your favourite party.


The Brigade: Is a fun looking boardgame about the town of Tinder Box. Tinder Box has been hit by a magical fire storm and it’s up to you, the fire wardens to protect the fire. At the same time players have to compete to become the new fire chief by winning favour with the townspeople. Players use resources strategically to upgrade their firehouses, win public opinion, and most importantly keep the town of Tinder Box from going up in flames. The game works on a tile system so it will always be getting mixed up. Definitely check this one out!

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Happy Gaming!

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