Splendor is a quick 30 minute game that plays with four friends. The premise is that each player is a merchant that is amassing wealth in order to get attention from nobles. The point of the game is to pick up chips that help you buy resource cards. These resource cards then help entreat nobles and buy better resource cards that give you victory points. The first player to fifteen victory points wins the game.

As you know with my other reviews on games like Munchkin, Catan, and King of Tokyo, there are a few qualities about boardgames that I generally look for and this game hits all the good points.

First of all I love the art on the cards. Each card has art of people adventuring out to find diamonds or evaluating precious stones or something else to get their resources. It makes me feel like there’s a story to the things I do as a merchant! Not only that but the tokens are great too. You know what you’re picking up and you don’t get the pieces confused. It’s easy to just grab what you want and go from there.


Second is the rules for the game are easy to get. You get to pick one of four actions. You can buy a card, reserve a card in your hand, pick up one of any three resources, or pick up 2 of any one resource. Each player decides what is best to buy more cards and get more victory points. The first to 15 wins. This is a game where the rules can be explained in a simple paragraph and it’s just as easy to set up and put away as well. The only thing you need to be careful of is keeping each level deck separate.

Thirdly this game is fast and people want to replay it. This game hits all three marks for a fun, casual game, but time commitment time for a game is the most important factor. Most people don’t really get excited over a hour and a half board game that has a 15 page rule book. Most gamers don’t really have that problem and I certainly don’t either. The problem is if you’re playing with just friends, or maybe in a party setting, then people don’t want to commit that kind of time. I like to plan my long game sessions rather than show up at someone’s house and have something that takes as long as Risk to play. If I want to play something like Terraforming Mars, then I will go into that knowing that everyone wants to play that game. If I want to play boardgames with my friends then Splendor is something that I want to play.


Not only that but this game comes together at a nice price of about forty dollars. For a game that has am much replay value like this it’s worth that money. This game will be on the top shelf of my boardgame closet for a long time.

If you liked my review and want to buy the game you can check it out on Amazon Here and don’t forget to look up our other reviewed boardgames.

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  1. Splendor really is a wonderful game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take more than one game to get it, and virtually everyone looks forward to the second. It’s still interesting after you’ve played it many times. Love this game!


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