This week we have found some fun looking games on kick starter starting with the second edition for a post apocalyptic RPG, a Game of Thrones table top game, and a smart looking 16 bit tile placer that looks pretty promising for a fun casual game. Let’s get started!

68e40fa3b9da0424f8fe5cf42ad89a14_originalGame of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire: This game is a squad tactics table top game where players control the major houses of Game of Thrones to claim the iron throne. We have seen game of thrones stuff on almost everything now-a-days with a Game of Thrones version of Catan coming out, but this game looks like the type of game that will really bring out the spirit of Westeros with major characters coming to life, and of course a political realm that gives units buffs and boosts. On top of all of that it has the one thing I really love about table top games, Exquisite looking minis. Who wouldn’t want to paint something like this? With 16 days left in the campaign the game has already made up more then double the funding it was looking for so if you back you’ll get your game. Be sure to check it out and tell your friends.

7c2130532d1e3cb7f1f15683bcd98125_originalLegacy: Life Among the Ruins: Is a tabletop RPG set in the apocalypse of a distant future society. Players will control families that send out special characters at key points in time to help the family build themselves up after the destruction of everything. The system itself is based off of Apocalypse World so expect the narrative element to shine through. This project is also funded so don’t worry about not getting your copy.

4e8e5b18997b0f9d705535e493dc9e42_originalOverworld: This Game looks devilishly smart to me. A basic tile placement game set in an unexplored world, Overworld is about players trying to map master dungeons. Players lay out tiles of different land type tiles trying to create situations where dungeons would exist. From there the dungeons are claimed by the strategic placement of meeples. The player to map two if the farthest dungeons on the map wins the game. This game is also funded and looks like it has a very quick play time. Definitely check this game out.


If you have anything else on kickstarter that you like be sure to leave it in the comments section to let us know. Also be sure to check out some of our other articles about kickstarter. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @nblogcollective and be sure to share our articles with the links below. As always,

Happy Gaming

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