Who Makes Thunderer Tires

Who Makes Thunderer Tires? [Brief Overview 2023]

Thunderer tires are well-known all over the world for how long they last and how well they work. Even though these tires are sold under the Thunderer name, they are not made by Thunderer.

The tires for Thunderer are made by the American Omni Trading Company. This business has been making tires for Thunderer since 2007 and is still growing its market. The company American Omni has a great name. When it comes to how long their tires last, they are great. Thunderer makes about 20,000 tires every day and sends them all over the world.

So, a new company has made a name for itself in the tire market and made users’ lives better. But what makes these tires different? Do they cost enough? Let’s look more closely at each of these.

Who Makes Thunderer Tires?

The Thunderer tires are made by the American Omni Trading Company. This is a big business that has been selling great tires for over 25 years. Still, they are as famous as ever because they keep up the quality.

This business makes more than just Thunderer tires. Instead, it also makes products for Crop max, Venezia, and other brands. And there is no doubt that all of these brands’ products are of great quality.

The way this brand makes tires is different from other brands. The special shape and material of these tires make them last longer. Thousands of truck and SUV drivers around the world love these tires.

About The Thunderer Brand

The Thunderer company is not that much older. In 2007, this company began its journey. In this short amount of time, the brand has made its own place in the tire business, which is very competitive.

The brand is mostly run out of Thailand’s Nakorn Pathom Province. They sell tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, and other cars. This company keeps making great products because it has a very skilled team and great design tools.

Where Are Thunderer Tires Made & Manufactured?

Thailand is home to the Thunderer name. All of the promotion and selling is done from Thailand as well. But since American Omni makes tires for this brand, these tires are made in the USA.

The United States is home to American Omni Trading Company. The places where they make things are in Thailand and the United States. The main office of this company, on the other hand, is in Houston, Texas. From the headquarters, all business is done and all processes are run.

But according to the knowledge that is out there, the main place where tires are made is in Thailand.

Are Thunderer Tires Good?

Before you can decide if a tire is good or bad, you need to look at a few things. Even Thunderer tires don’t get a pass. So, let’s talk about what to look for in a tire.

I’ll also talk about how the Thunderer tire can be used for that particular feature. Let’s get started.


When picking a tire, the design is the most important thing. Because a tire’s grip and how much force it can handle depend on how it is made. Most Thunderer tires are made with a radial shape. This makes the car better able to handle rough roads.


Another important thing about tires is how much force they can make when they rub together. If there isn’t enough contact, the tire could slide in front of the road. This could lead to a very bad accident. The right amount of contact is kept in the Thunderer tires. So, there won’t be any trouble with this.


If you drive a lot, this is something you should worry about. Changing tires is not only a big hassle, but it also costs a lot of money. And if you drive a lot, the tires will wear out quickly. In this case, Thunderer tires could be a good choice because they are known for being tough.


Last but not least, you should check and confirm the size of the tires you want. Thunderer has different types of tires for Trucks and SUVs. So, you can choose the tire you want from the many options.

Because of what you can see in the Thunderer tires, they can be a good choice.

All-time Best Thunderer Tires On The Market

I’ve already said that Thunderer makes about 20,000 tires every day. So, you can imagine how big their factories are and how many things they make.

I’m going to talk about some of the best Thunderer tires here. This list is based on what customers have said and what I have done myself. Even though different tires have different features, you should choose the one that works best for what you want to do.

Thunderer LIGHT TRUCK & SUV Tire Models

Ranger 007

The Ranger 007 is made for the famous SUVs, Cross-overs, and light-duty pickup trucks on the market today. This tire can be used in all kinds of weather and gives a quiet, smooth ride with good handling and grip. Go the distance with 60,000 miles of limited treadwear protection. The Thunderer Ranger 007 gives you the quality and value you expect from Thunderer.


The Ranger A/T is a high-quality all-terrain tire with a unique tread pattern made to increase traction edges for great handling on and off-road. A tight shoulder makes it easy to handle in any weather. Designed for use on light trucks that need 6 and 10 ply grades. S and T graded to make sure they fit right.The Ranger A/T is ready for your next journey. It has a limited treadwear protection of 55,000 miles.


The Ranger A/TR is the next version of Thunderer’s aggressive all-terrain tires made to get your adventure off to a good start. The Ranger A/TR has studdable shoulder lugs that make it easy to drive through mud, snow, and ice. It also has 3D siping technology and rigid internal blocks that make it handle well on both wet and dry surfaces. The Ranger A/TR is the best all-terrain tire because it has limited treadwear protection for 50,000 miles.


The Trac Grip M/T is an aggressive radial tire with best grip on and off-road. The open, stepped tread block elements give you the best grip even in the worst weather. Available in sizes from 15″ to 22″ to fit the most popular trucks and SUVs on the market today. The Q-rating and the 6, 8, 10, and 12 ply ratings make sure that the tire can carry the right amount of weight.

Thunderer Passenger Performance Tire Models


The Mach I is a high-quality travel tire made to handle well and keep the ride quiet. The Mach I was made to get good gas economy and to last for small and medium-sized cars. T, H, and V graded to make sure they fit right. The treadwear warranty on the Mach I is good for 60,000 miles.


The Mach IV is both aggressive and stylish, and it offers the right balance of performance and value. The unique directional tread design of Thunderer gives the Mach IV the ability to handle both aggressive driving and quiet performance. H, V, and W ratings for correct fitting. Limited treadwear protection for up to 60,000 miles, the Mach IV gives you the quality and value you expect from Thunderer.


The Thunderer Mach V is an extremely high-performance tire made to handle well in all kinds of weather. On city streets or country roads, the Mach V’s asymmetrical tread design and improved technology for resisting hydroplaning make for a quiet, easy, and responsive ride. Protection against treadwear for up to 45,000 miles, the Mach V gives you power and speed wherever you go.


CITY R202 is a cheap radial tire for a small car. This 4-rib tread pattern is made to give you great control, a smooth, quiet ride, and long life in any weather.

Thunderer Small Commercial Tire Models


The Ranger R101 has a 5-rib tread pattern that was made to work well in certain situations. The R101 is made to work well in any situation.


The R200 is a special 4-rib industrial tire that can carry a lot of weight and is made to last.


With herringbone treads, the tires are quiet, ride smoothly, and last a long time. Designed for light truck uses that need a 6, 8, or 10 ply grade. Q, R, S, and T ratings show how well something fits and how much weight it can carry.


The Ranger R403 has a 5-rib tread pattern that was made to work well in certain situations. The R403 is made to work well in any situation.


This type of light truck tire is made for commercial use and has a multi-ply casing to handle big loads. The double steel belted plies make the tire resistant to punctures and long-lasting.


Design with 5 ribs that works well for ST uses. Available in sizes from 13″ to 16″ with 6, 8, 10, or 12 plies to meet a wide range of trailering needs.

Thunderer TRB Tire Models


The RA402 is an all-position, all-steel radial tire that was made to last a long time and handle well. Made for steer axles and use in all positions.

  • 14 steel plies make the case as strong and long-lasting as possible.
  • Belt package made to keep tread distortion to a minimum and support long tread life in P&D uses under heavy loads.
  • Better siping to reduce uneven wear and make the original tread last longer.


Thunderer LA441 is a high-end, over-the-road version that has been made to work best with the Steer Axle.

  • Full tread depth of 18/32″ helps tires last a long time.
  • The weight is spread out evenly and evenly over a wide area.
  • Smartway Certification is coming, but a new tread compound has low rolling resistance, which saves gas.
  • Wide primary grooves do a great job of spreading water, which makes the tire easier to control even in the roughest circumstances.
  • By putting sipes in the right places, uneven wear from free-rolling is kept to a minimum.


The UA411 is a regional all-position that was made for different uses in different regions.

  • In spread axle uses, solid, rounded shoulders make it possible to slide and drag.
  • Smartway has confirmed that the advanced tread material has low rolling resistance, which saves fuel.
  • Large sipes to reduce and fight random free-rolling wear.


The RA401 is a high-end, all-position design that can be used in a wide range of situations and on a variety of roads.

  • Up to 22/32″ tread depth for a long working life and few problems.
  • Fitments for wheels with sizes from 17.5″ to 22.5″
  • Smartway Certification is coming, but a new tread compound has low rolling resistance, which saves gas.
  • The weight is spread out evenly and evenly over a wide area.
  • Wide grooves to prevent uneven wear and improve total mileage.


The LD422 premium closed shoulder drive has great features and benefits for long-haul and regional uses.

  • The siping and tread block design have been improved to help get rid of water and give you better grip in all weather.
  • To help cut down on fuel use, the base substance of the cap is made to be fuel-efficient.
  • 14ply and 16ply tires are available for all kinds of vehicles.


This top 30/32 open shoulder drive works well in a wide range of situations and on different types of roads.

  • A modern design for the block makes it stable and spreads heat evenly over the whole footprint, which increases range and keeps the casing strong.
  • The full footprint siping does a great job of directing water away from the tire to keep it from hydroplaning even in the worst circumstances.
  • Outer and inner tie bars keep the block from warping, which stops uneven wear.
  • Does a great job in rain, mud, and snow.


In this unique drive application, the OD432 19.5, wide shoulder drive has been shown to last a long time and get a lot of miles.

  • A tread block shape that has been used for a long time and provides stability in any situation.
  • Redesigned block and shoulder sipes make sure there is grip in all weather.
  • Tread block tie bars make sure that the treads don’t move around too much. This helps to avoid uneven wear and get the most traction without tearing.


The OA421 is a high-quality mixed service/all-position radial tire that can be used on all kinds of roads. Offers range from 750r16 to 385r22.5.

  • The modified tread block shape gives the tire excellent grip and stability on a wide range of road surfaces.
  • The cut/chip substance and deep tread give the tire a lot of grip and make it easy to drive in bad weather, and the four steel belts make it stable on and off the road.
  • Shoulder notches give you more grip even on the roughest ground.
  • Designed to run cool so that the case stays strong and can be used again.


The TL442 is a shallow skid radial tire for trailers, regional, and long-haul hauling.

  • Designed and built to get the best gas mileage and be reliable.
  • In this free-rolling wheel state, the tread has full siping to stop uneven wear.
Who makes Thunderer tires? [Brief Overview 2023]


No product can last for so long if it doesn’t stay as good as it can. Since Thunderer has been around for so long, it stands to reason that they are good enough to fight in the market.

There are no goods that aren’t limited in some way. The pros and cons of Thunderer tires are similar to those of other tires. If you’re still not sure about the quality, just look up who makes Thunderer tires.

American Omni Trading Company is a very well-known name, so it goes without saying that they never cut corners on quality. So, picking the Thunderer tires probably won’t be a bad idea.


Are Thunderer tires good?

Thunderer tires are a lot cheaper than tires from high-end brands, but they work and last just as well as tires from those brands. Many online reviews agree that they are safe, reliable tires that don’t let you down very often.

Do Thunderer tires provide a quiet ride?

Many reviews online say that Thunderer tires are soft and quiet, and that buying a set won’t break the bank.

Are Thunderer tires manufactured in the US?

All Thunderer tires are made by American Omni Trading Company in Thailand, where they have state-of-the-art factories.

Are Thunderer Tires Worth The Money?

Thunderer tires are great because they last long, look good, and are reliable. So, yes, the money was well spent.

Are Thunderer Tires Safe?

Thunderer tires have a high level of performance and give cars great stability and control.

How Many Plies Are Thunderer Tires?

There are plies in most Thunderer tires. Some types come with as many as 10 to 12 plies.

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Who Makes Thunderer Tires? [Brief Overview 2023]
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