Who makes Lionhart Tires and are they worth it?

Why high-performance automobile, truck, and SUV drivers are astonished by Lionharts.

Who makes Lionhart tires?

If you need new tires for your car, truck, or SUV, the owner of your local tire shop might suggest a set of Lionharts. At a fraction of the price of an expensive brand and with a wide range of sizes and aspect ratios, these tires are a popular choice for people on a tight budget who need large tires.

Lionhart tires have been on the American market since 2013, when they first went on sale.

Tires made by Lionhart are made by Turbo Wholesale Tire, which is based in Los Angeles, California, and has at least two types of tires that aren’t made by anyone else.

Both the Lexani and Lionhart tire brands are owned by Turbo Wholesale Tires. Lexani tires are not the same as Lexani Wheels, which is a different company in a similar but different business.

Lionhart tires are made in either China or Thailand, depending on the type.

From a 2020 recall, it looks like both Lexani and Lionhart tires are made in Sentury tire plants.

Lionhart Tire Types

Lionhart’s makes tires for cars, light trucks, off-road, trailers, and people. As of 2021, they will have 19 different types.

LH-101– Passenger

The Lionhart LH-101 is a low-cost, high-performance tire for cars and coupes that can be used all year round.
With tread rubbers and tread design that break the balance between mileage, dry and wet performance, tires can grip both dry roads and wet roads well.
Silica is added to the tread rubber to make the tire stick better in wet weather without reducing the tire’s long-term durability.

LH-202– Passenger, Performance

Lionhart made the LH-202 All Season endurance tires.
High-performance tires were made to be the best in terms of luxury, style, and function.
All-season tires are a great value because they are made for drivers who move around the country a lot and have to drive in different kinds of weather.

LH-303– Passenger

The Lionhart LH-303 is a good choice for smaller passenger cars that need sizes of 13″ to 15″ or more at a good price. It is an All-Season tire that is made to work in a variety of road conditions.

It has 4 circumferential lines that help get water out from under the tire’s contact patch, which makes it very easy to control in wet weather. The LH-303 has a unique tread design that makes the ride smooth and quiet without losing good handling on the road.

It has great grip on dry roads and keeps its smoothness and steering response. It comes in sizes from 15″ to 18″ for a wide range of popular passenger cars, such as sedans and coupes.

LH-311– Passenger

The LH-311 from Lionhart is an all-season tire that works well in all kinds of weather. These tires are made to be driven on in both cold weather with snowy or wet roads and hot weather with dry roads. It is a tire for sedans, minivans, SUVs, and other types of passenger cars. LH-311 has three centrally located tread patterns that give it a stable grip. Its solid core rings are designed to stay in contact with the road at all times, so it doesn’t slip. Lionhart tires have deep treads that are spread out to handle tension and make for a smooth, quiet ride.

LH-403– Passenger

Lionhart Tires has brought together the latest in technology, innovation, unique fitment, total performance, looks, and price. We did this so that our UHP, SUV, and off-road tire line would be the best value for distributors, stores, and end users. Along with our Flagship (UHP, SUV, and Off Road) goods, Lionhart Tires now has a full line of passenger, performance, light truck, and trailer tires.

LH-404– Passenger

The Lionhart LH-404 is a year-round travel tire made for passenger cars. The steady contact with the road makes the steering more responsive and the car more stable, and the shoulder tread blocks make it easier to turn and give it more power.

LH-501– Passenger

Lionhart LH-501 215/60R16 95VOVERVIEWThe LH-501 from Lionhart is often used as a substitute tire because it is reliable, performs well, and has a good ride.

  • Quiet, smooth ride
  • Long lasting tread design
  • Built to preform in all weather conditions

LH-503– Passenger, Performance

The Lionhart LH-503 is a High-Performance All-Season Touring tire that has great speed ratings and is made to handle well and perform well. This tire has tight, steady, and constant cornering and acceleration speeds, both when it is wet and when it is dry.

LH-Three II– Performance

The Lionhart LH-THREE II is an all-season tire with great performance that is made for passenger cars.

The tire makes it easier to control the car. The tread pattern of this type always stays close to the road surface, which makes the steering more responsive and the car more stable. The continuous center rib of the tread improves the tire’s touch with the road. This makes the steering faster and more responsive, and it makes the structure of the model more stable. The direction of the tread design makes the high-speed performance better. It lets the tire spread the driving pressure evenly and keeps heat from building up while moving. In this way, the tire ensures safe control and performance at high speeds.

LH-Four– Performance

The Lionhart LH-FOUR is an all-season, high-performance tire made for passenger cars. The model’s reinforced internal structure keeps the tires in the right shape and keeps them in contact with the road for a better high-speed ride.

LH-Five– Performance

The Lionhart LH-FIVE is one of our most highly advanced tires. It was made to work well on the most high-tech cars in the world. The Lionhart LH-FIVE is an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire that handles well, has a long tread life, and handles better at high speeds.
wet or dry road conditions.

LH-Eight– Light Truck, Performance

The Lionhart LH-EIGHT has great grip and improved speed on both dry and wet roads. The wide, solid shoulders make for great stability and turning. Built with a unique tire pattern that makes less noise on the road and circumferential grooves that drain water and give you a good grip.

LH-Ten-Light Truck, Performance

The Lionhart LH-TEN is made to have a good mix of high-speed capabilities, how it handles, and comfort. The Lionhart LH-TEN is an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire made for trucks, cars, and SUVs in particular. The LH-TEN is a great choice because it has great grip on both wet and dry roads and a long tread life.

LH- Eleven– Performance

The Lionhart LH-ELEVEN shows how competition drives success. This Ultra High Performance Summer tire was made to handle and stop better on dry roads without hurting its performance in the rain. The aggressive tread pattern and general design were made to give the best performance possible.

LH-HTP– Light Truck

The Lionhart LH-HTP is an all-season tire for SUVs and light trucks that is made for highway conditions. This model also comes in sizes for driving passenger vehicles. The tire makes the car run better all year long. All-season traction is improved by the all-season compound and the thorough, symmetric tread design. By spreading water and slush out, the grooves stop the car from hydroplaning.

Lionclaw ATX2– Light Truck, Offroad

Our All-Terrain and Light Truck tires, the Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2, are made to work well on and off the road. No matter what kind of road you are on—rain, mud, or snow—our All-Terrain tires will give you the best stability and performance.

Lionclaw HT– Light Truck, Offroad

The Lionhart Lionclaw HT is an All-Season Highway Terrain tire made for SUVs, light trucks, and cars on the road today. This high-quality tire lets you drive in a way that is quiet, relaxing, and responsive. The wear life of this tire is also very good.

Lionclaw MT– Light Truck, Offroad

The Lionhart LionClaw MT tire has a great design on the sidewall and a big knobby tread pattern to make any serious off-roader or Mall Crawler look better and perform better on all conditions. The new Lionhart Lion Claw gives you the confidence you need to climb any mountain or climb on any surface. It has thicker sides and an extra belt under the tread to help prevent flats on and off the road. Big, open lugs and lots of holes in the tread make it easy for water, mud, sand, and snow to escape from the tread, giving you the grip you’d expect from a tire that looks so tough.

LH-CTS– Trailer

The Lionhart LH-CTS is a Trailer tire that has everything you need in one package. The LH-CTS is reliable, has a quiet ride, and lasts a long time. These tires give you peace of mind because they are made with the latest tire technology.

Model-specific Lionhart technologies

  1. Lionhart Tread depth indicator (LH Eleven)
  2. Silica enhanced tread compound (LH-Eleven)– This not only makes the tire stronger, but it also makes the tread less flexible and improves performance in other ways, such as lateral acceleration, stopping, and reducing hydroplaning.
  3. Run Flat technology (LH-403)– This tire can fix itself and hold itself up on its own. It also has a stronger inner structure to keep it stable when running over things that can puncture tires and after a blowout.
  4. Harmonic Tire (LH311 Harmonic tire)– Tire technology that uses a combination of balanced, centered, and deep tread patterns to keep steady contact with the road in any direction. So, the ride is smooth and quiet.

Does Lionhart Tires have a warranty?

The Lionhart website says that only four of their tires come with limited guarantees.

  • Lionclaw HT- 40,000 Mile Warranty (P-Metric Sizes Only)
  • LH-Ten- 30,000 mile limited warranty
  • LH-Five- 30,000 mile limited warranty
  • LH-503 – 40,000 mile limited warranty

It is not clear what a limited warranty means or how to get help under the warranty. For more information, you can call 1.888.546.6007 or send an email to sales@lionharttires.com.


Lionhart Lionclaw HTs with sizes LT275/65/R20 and production dates between November 14, 2017 and June 22, 2018 are being called back on March 3, 2020.

From what the recall says,

“Because of the way the subject tires are built, when they are made using a two-step process, they may have a smaller margin of performance reliability. This problem could cause the rim to come away from the tire, which would make a crash more likely.

Are Lionhart tires any good?

Like any online shopper who wants to know more about a tire brand, I’ll look for reviews on big third-party seller sites and YouTube. SimpleTire is my go-to third-party site because its reviews seem to come from real buyers, not bots or people who were paid to write them.

From the reviews I’ve read and the movies I’ve watched (below), it’s clear that Lionhart tires are good Asian tires.

Lionhart Tires knows a lot about the tire business. They’ve seen how famous high-performance light trucks like Silverados, GMC Sierras, and Ram 1500s, SUVs like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger/Charger, Chrysler 300, Ford Mustang, etc. are.

Lionhart also knows that getting bigger wheels and tires is a popular upgrade, so they’ve teamed up with the right tire factories to offer a wide range of widths and sizes to meet that need.

People who buy Lionhart tires are happy with how well they work for the price.

For example, a 245/45/20-inch tire is often found on new Ford Mustangs and some older Corvettes. The price for a Lionhart HF-503s, LH Performance tire in that size is about $120. A tire of the same size from a high-end brand will cost at least twice as much.

The LH-503s were great for this C5 Corvette owner.

“These (LH-530s) grip a lot better than I thought they would,” John Drives Anything says.

“I thought I’d be able to go from 0 to 60 in six seconds because I’d lose so much grip, but for what they are, these grip pretty well. I’m happy with that for what these tires are.”

Who makes Lionhart Tires

In this study of his size 295/30/22 Lionhart LH-10 tires, he compared them to his old, much more expensive Nitto 420S tires. You can watch the video below, but he basically says that the Lionharts don’t grip as well as the Nittos, but when it’s wet, they do better than his older Nittos. About $170 bought a pair of new LH-10s in that size, while $270 bought a pair of new Nittos.

Who makes Lionhart Tires

Oscar Orozco writes on SimpleTire, “I have a 2008 Suburban LT with 24″ custom wheels and 295-35R24 Lionhart LH-TEN tires.”

“The Suburban drives really well, and there is no road noise at all. So far, so good. I’m very happy with these tires, and I highly recommend them for any car. I will buy these tires again for sure. I also have a 2003 F150 with 22-inch wheels, and I’ll soon buy a set for it.”

Who makes Lionhart Tires

This through review of Lionharts on 22s was my favorite part. His review says that not only are Liorts great, but they also don’t bother him at triple-digit speeds.

No matter how much you spend or how hard you drive or how big your wheels are, high-performance tires for big cars and trucks only last so long.

If you buy Lionharts so they can go fast around the track, you might be upset quickly.

But if you know you just need replacements and can’t afford OEM tires right now, but you’re smart enough not to drive on tires that are almost completely worn out, Lionharts are a good compromise. They work well enough and cost just the right amount.

Lionhart tires FAQs

Are Lionhart tires Chinese?

The answer is yes. Even though North America is their main market, Lionhart Tires gets all of their goods from China.

How long do Lionhart tires last?

Many sites say that this brand’s touring tires last about 40,000 miles. Performance tires, on the other hand, only stay stable for 35,000 to 40,000 miles.

Do Lionhart tires have a warranty?

Lionhart, like many other brands, gives customers a choice of guarantee plans based on the type of tire they buy.

Are Lionhart tires good for stretching?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to stretch with Lionhart products because the tire types aren’t stable enough for us to do this.

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