Can Condos Restrict Pets in Toronto?

Toronto, as one of Canada’s most populous and diverse cities, boasts a wide array of condominiums that cater to a variety of lifestyles. For many individuals and families, the question of whether condos can restrict pets in Toronto is of significant importance. In this article, we will explore the regulations and policies surrounding pet ownership in Toronto’s condominiums.

Condo Corporations and Pet Regulations

Condominiums in Toronto are governed by Condo Corporations, also known as Condominium Corporations or Condo Boards. These entities are responsible for creating and enforcing the bylaws and rules that determine how the condominium operates, including policies regarding pets.

Pets in Toronto Condominiums

In Toronto, condos have the authority to establish rules and restrictions related to pet ownership. The nature and extent of these regulations can vary from one condominium to another. Here are some common practices:

1. Pet-Friendly Condos: Some condominiums in Toronto are known for being pet-friendly. These condos may permit residents to keep pets without imposing strict restrictions, except for general considerations like leash rules and cleaning up after pets.

2. Restrictions on Types of Pets: Certain condominiums may limit the types of pets allowed. For instance, they might allow cats but not dogs or may have specific rules about exotic pets.

3. Weight and Size Limits: Some condos set weight or size limits for dogs. Larger dog breeds may not be permitted, or there may be restrictions on the maximum weight allowed for dogs.

4. Pet Deposits or Fees: Condo corporations may require residents to pay pet deposits or monthly pet fees to cover potential damages or cleaning costs associated with pets.

5. Banning Pets: In more restrictive cases, some condominiums in Toronto might ban pets altogether. This could be due to concerns about allergies, noise, cleanliness, or potential property damage.

Challenging Pet Restrictions

Residents in Toronto who wish to challenge pet restrictions imposed by their condominiums have several options:

  1. Review Condo Bylaws: Review the condo’s bylaws and declaration to understand the specific rules and restrictions related to pets. Knowing your condo’s rules is essential before attempting to challenge them.
  2. Engage with the Condo Board: Engage in open communication with the Condo Board or Corporation. Discuss your concerns and, if applicable, explore the possibility of amending or revising the pet-related rules.
  3. Legal Action: Consult with legal counsel to determine if the pet restrictions violate any municipal or provincial laws or if your rights as a pet owner are being infringed upon.


In Toronto, whether or not condos can restrict pets depends on the specific condominium’s bylaws and policies. It’s crucial for both potential and current condo residents to be aware of these regulations, as they can significantly impact one’s lifestyle and housing decisions. By understanding the rules and engaging with condo management or seeking legal advice when necessary, residents can navigate the complex issue of pet ownership in Toronto’s condominiums.

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