My name of course is Nick but I also go by nickenomics at certain times. I guess you could think of me as the ringleader of the collective and I’m already so proud. I’ve always loved games ever since I was a kid and I really just want to share that passion with the world. My fondest memories of visiting my Dad back in Canada are the times we sat around the table with my whole family playing dice and cards just laughing, joking, and eating together. I proposed to my wife while we were playing D&D and even reconnected with my sister by playing Age of Rebellion. Games have done a lot for me in my life and they continue to contribute day after day. It is my goal to teach, reach, and generally recruit new gamers into all of the various communities that have given so much to me. Mostly I play RPGs but I love tabletop and board games a lot and have as many as I can afford in my closet. But seriously my writers and I pretty much cover most of the topics you could think of so hit us up on social media @nblogcollective and ask us about anything you like.

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