I was born in 1992, and honestly, it all just went downhill from there.

My father got me hooked on the classics early; I was questing (AD&D style) with my brother from around 7 or 8. Eventually, I made the mistake of wandering into a half-price and seeing their 3.5 edition collection. I disappeared for a few years to absorb their rich details; when I returned, I was a wiser (but sadder) man. I also enjoy casual sessions of Magic: The Gathering (and I don’t care what anyone thinks, Kamigawa is my favorite block. I love it like a three-legged dog). Our family has recently gotten into board games; we often will purchase new games to play whenever we manage to meet up. I will play anything that involves lots of talking, bargaining, and (sanctioned by the game) lying.

One fateful day, I realized that I couldn’t make a living being a DM (and mom nixed my desire to be a circus clown), so I decided to delay real life by attending College. Once that avenue dried up, I doubled down by going to graduate school. I dodge adulthood to this day.