Hello! I’m Emma, and I’m the Head Editor for the Nerd Blog Collective. Personally, I view myself as the much-needed sidekick in the epic journey of publishing articles. I’m a huge bookworm, and usually always have my nose buried in a stereotypical fantasy book. Anyway, I most likely won’t be posting any articles of my own, but I do a lot of behind the scenes work editing and collaborating with the main authors and any guest writers. Unlike them, I’m not really a seasoned RPG and board game player, but I am developing quite a fondness for the two activities. This year I started up playing both Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. Before this, I looked at RPGs under a more critical eye but I guess you can say I’m a nerd transformed. Though I’ve always had a fascination with all things fantasy, and this reflects in my writing. Though I don’t write gaming articles, I do enjoy writing novels and hope one day to be published. For now, though, I publish my writings on a website called Wattpad, my username on there is rosethorn1213. So to summarize, I’m the editor for this website, and also a huge bookworm.

If you want to reach me through our Contact Us page and those emails will come to me.

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