About a week ago I got my review copy of Fireside Games Grackles. So the crew and I have been going over it and playing for a while now and I think it’s about time to write up my review on it.

The first thing I would like to bring up is that we got to play the beta copy of Grackles and we made a short article about it. Grackles was fun, to the point with rules, easy to teach, and had you coming back for more. Let’s recap the rules really quickly and than talk about what I like about the final print of the board game.

There are four things that players can do in Grackles from placing pieces and scoring points, to actually building the board. The thing that I like about the simplicity of these rules is that it does not over ride the player interaction by just having someone putting in a random action, but it also does not play up board game politics too much… at least in my group. There is definitely an element of asset denial in Grackles and where there is asset denial there is player politics. I enjoy the kind of interactions brought about by playing though and nothing beats setting up a turn and waiting a whole round and bringing that set up to fruition. With all of the strategy, coordination, and player interaction the game is still easy to play. I had one of my Aunts from Canada in town while I was playing my copy and she is used to card games like Cribbage or board games like Sorry. We cracked open Grackles and she kicked my butt!

Let’s talk a little bit about the board game physically a little bit. I was really happy to open this box up. It is the standard Fireside Games fair and by that I mean it plays the fine line between quality and price. This game could have been all made out of plastic with double sided print on the tokens and plastic indents for the grackle bits to fit in. The game could also be a hundred dollars a pop. That is not really the thing with Grackles though. The game is good enough that when you play with it you know that it is going to last and be replayed. The biggest evidence with that was the decision to use plastic pieces for the actual grackle pieces. They are easily the most played with pieces in the game and the logic for it was literally that if they were not made out of plastic there is not way they are going to last multiple years. Every part of the game was geared towards making a game that will be as cheap as possible without loosing the needed quality to still enjoy the game. Even the box is the same size as the box for Kaiju Crush and it makes me think that there is still something even in that choice that helps bring a fun idea to us for cheaper.

Overall I am going to have to say grab a copy, have some fun, and get ready to play with anyone. Grackles definitely deserves a place in my board game closet.

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Happy Gaming!

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