The other day I had the pleasure of meeting up with Justin Dewitt to check out some new games that Fireside Games is going to release. This company has a great track record of making fun quicker games that anyone can play without breaking the bank, and I bring more than a couple of these games to my regular board game groups. Side note all of the pictures that we took are of a prototype model and the components will definitely be upgraded in the final game!

Justin brought in two games, Grackles (which will be written on later in the week) and Remnants, which I am pretty excited about playing. Remnants is probably the most rules complex game that I’ve seen from fireside games that adds a few different elements together. Players fight obstacles in a post apocalyptic world to upgrade their settlements and score victory points in the form of ketchup packets because, and I quote, “flavor is the only currency in the apocalypse.”


The first phase in the game is a resource grab that has real time dice rolling. Players will split up the available residents of their settlements to grab either resources or loot. After that an event card is played to determine what challenges your survivors will face. These results are not always bad but can set you back pretty badly if you are not careful. Players then roll four D6 banking the results they want to get three of a kind for resources. They then call out the dice and reroll to get more resources. The whole time other players are rolling their dice to snag what they can and those resources can run out. If you are the last player, and have a survivor available to get a resource you can let them take a resource of your choice, but you need to roll quick or you can miss out on resources and bonuses. After the resources are dispersed players roll dice to see what loot they have. You’ll find yourself with less loot, but the loot is universal and can be used to heal survivors, gain resources you might have missed and help you defeat your enemies.


The second phase is a resource buy. Players will take turns based on a rotating initiative to buy resources helping them fight and defend from the upcoming challenges that they will face. These items all have victory point values and they can do more than just attack and defend. There’s a lot in this three tiered deck that can give players resources, change their survivor placements, and reduce the costs of other cards. This will also allow you to buy survivors and upgrade existing survivors.

This is where I wanted to add a side note about survivors and what they can do. All survivors have two health and have to be fully healed to be upgraded, or to have there special effects. These effects can help players get multiple resources from a survivor, require less matching dice to gain resources, or obtain loot easier. Setting aside resources to buy new survivors and upgrade the existing ones will be a good choice in the beginning of the game.


The next step is moving the turn track. Bosses attack happen every other turn and this is what players are really preparing for when they buy cards. Bosses can do various damages to your survivors and players with no survivors automatically loose. While this does not happen very often it’s important to keep on top of the challenges when you can.


After the last boss is killed and the survivors are safe and healed player total up their ketchup packets and the highest player wins the game. I honestly have to say that I enjoyed this game. It was easy enough rules wise that I could pick it up on the run, but it was challenging enough that I had to take some serious moments considering my actions. I’m pretty happy to play this game and I think that Fireside has done a good job at making a more serious game. This game is set to be released June 27th at a price of $39.95 and will be available at Firesides website. I think with the mechanic additions, and the great post apocalyptic setting it’ll be a great addition to anyone’s board game closet.

Thanks for reading my review on Remnants. If you want more details on the game than be sure to check out Fireside Games on Twitter and Facebook. Also don’t forget to check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon as well. Later this week Hunter will cover Grackles so be sure to check that out too and as always,

Happy Gaming

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