Welcome to the first installment of “Why you should play”! This series is focused on taking unusual or unique class/race combos and explaining the value in them! We’re starting off with a classic. Gnome Barbarian!

  1. Stats

So, as a rock gnome your barbarian will gain a +2 to Intelligence, and a +1 to Constitution. Constitution is beneficial for obvious reasons (more hp, higher base AC as a barbarian, resistances, etc.) Intelligence is something else though. How does that benefit a barbarian? Mechanically this stat buff will allow increased proficiency with investigation and tinkering, which is something that rock gnomes are particularly skilled in. Overall the stats will make the character a hulk-esque personality. An intelligent person who loses themselves to their anger in the heat of battle.

  1. Abilities

First off is dark vision, which gnomes get naturally. Dark vision allows the player to see in dim and dark light as though it were lit normally. Barring blindness, no lack of light will impede your character’s ability to fight. On top of this, gnomes also have the ability to craft and use small mechanical trinkets in and out of combat as an item. These can be trinkets to accomplish any task your dm and materials will allow you to make. Now, on the negative side gnomes only have 25 feet of movement per turn, which is 5 feet less than most other races. Luckily, as a barbarian you gain increased movement speed when raging, so you still have the ability to move good distances across the map.

  1. Aesthetic

Now, for those who are fans of the image of a character, there are plenty of ways to go with this one. Maybe a genius with a short temper? A calm, quiet thinker that fights with cold anger? In short, an oddball combination doesn’t restrict your choices at all as far as character work goes. If anything your choices are expanded because of the deep history of both gnomes and barbarians. The character opens up unlimited avenues for creativity, and it shows the world something a little more unique than the typical character.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, you can leave a comment down below, we may review your oddball combo! You can also tweet us @nblogcollective or @Skunkosourous. If you enjoy what we do here, feel free to check out our Patreon here. Thank you again for reading, and as always…


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