Over the holiday I picked up my very own base set for Star Wars Destiny. I have managed to pick up about a hundred or so cards and I’m pretty happy with the game and I thought I would try to make a case for picking it up.

Let’s go over what Destiny is before we get into opinions. In Destiny there are two factions and also neutral cards. The two factions are basically good and evil with three colors that apply to each of them. The blue cards are force users and their ilk. The cards focus on force powers, weapons, and its own unique gameplay of effecting the battlefield. The Second color is red and they are your beat’em up characters. These guys are fighters like General Rieken, Poe (in the core set) and even Magna Guards. They focus on physical abilities and weapons that can deal a lot of pain. The third color is yellow and represents a freelance kind of character. These guys are Unkar Plutt, Finn, and others. These cards can change up the battlefield in a big way and they demand a lot of energy.

Okay, now that we have that established let’s talk a little bit about the game. I picked up the core set first and got to play it a couple of times. The core decks do not have enough cards to play a fully fledged deck but for the twenty dollars that it costs on Amazon it seems like a good buy to me. You will get some good bones in the deck but you should definitely pick up a few packs if you plan on on playing at a store. Me and my roommate could not really beat each other with the twenty card decks. Once I bought a few extra card packs I was able to make my own decks and set some extra games up. So if you get the base set then be sure to pick up some extra packs to spice things up right off the start.

My favorite part of Destiny is probably the time commitment. Every deck in Destiny is thirty cards so playing a whole game can last thirty or forty minutes. This has always been my biggest barrier to card games. As someone who has a hard time focusing on games like Magic, Yugioh, and Pokemon I found this shorter gameplay really working for me.

I also like how little baggage this game has. Destiny is by no means a brand new game, but it is relatively young compared to other popular games. This helps me feel like I can start the game on equal terms with other players rather than starting on the back foot like I do in other hobbies. Another thing about the relative youthof the game is a little negative. Since Destiny is such a new game it’s rules can be a little unclear. I’m sure as the game gets older the FAQ will clear up more and more problems, but for now you have to hit up the game forums a few times to get more specific rules.

The last biggest thing about Destiny is something that is inherit in playing all sorts of different card games. I am of course talking about buying card packs and generally being involved in a card game. Most stores that I have been to have yet to sell singles (although I realize that can’t be universally true) and so I have to pick up booster packs and find out what I get. I could try looking up strategies and just hitting up Ebay, but I like to keep things casual and can’t really get behind that kind of thing. As I play the game I might change my stance on buying singles but for now my hobby allowance let’s me pick up the odd booster pack here and there and that’s definitely good enough for me.

Much like anything that FFG makes you have to deal with three major things. Solid core mechanics, excellent materials, and dice. Lots and lots of dice. Every play in the game relies on the dice at its core and while you can build a deck to control these dice I immensely enjoy the randomness that they present in the game. It makes the game harder to manipulate or control right from the get go. My experiences with other card games is that players think out total strategies and have most of a plan put together before they even hit the table. In the case of Destiny, players are forced with an immediate element that makes you to think more on the seat of your pants.

The lore of Destiny is pretty simple. What would happen if your favorite Star Wars characters got into a huge fight and started beating each other up. I personally love the idea of Kylo Ren (in the core pack) duking it out with Poe (also in the core pack) and Finn with nothing but a Magna Guard army, Rey fighting alongside a random jedi teacher, or even Unkar Plutt and Darth Vader kicking butt and taking names. The dream team can be almost anything you want but this game plays from every era in the Star Wars movie franchise and can be almost anything you want it to be!

For anyone thinking about getting into a card game but wanting to get into a game that’s a little more fresh and young for strategies I would suggest to buying into the game. Forty dollars would easily give you and a good friend enough to make some base decks, although competitive play will most certainly cost more.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you liked my opinion on Star Wars Destiny. If you did like the article please share it with the buttons below. Also be sure to check us out of Facebook and Twitter @nblogcollective. We also have a Patreon with some low backer levels. Good luck with the new year and as always,

Happy Gaming!

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