Alright so today is the big one. Whatever we are celebrating out there it’s important to remember why. We love the people we visit, or at the very least are obligated for one reason or another to see people this holiday. I know that is not very romanticized but hey, we are here to talk about games. So some people here may be blessed with a very nerdy family full of people who love to game but most families are pretty varied and there’s a highly likely chance that your extended family just is not into games, and bringing your copy of Scythe or Terraforming Mars probably won’t fly. If you are thinking about bringing games to the family for the holiday I have come up with a small list that may help you!


7 Games To Bring To Your Holiday Celebration.



  • Carcassonne: Let’s talk about why Carcassonne is number one on my list. This game has a seriously low barrier to entry. If you leave out the expansions and maybe even the field rules Carcassonne can be easily played with four people and will not take too much time!


  • Catan: With the six player expansion this hour long game will bring a lot of people to the table! Catan is a little more strategic and takes a bit more time to play, but it is the classic intro game to more non mainstream board games. It has a lot more recognition to people who may not be into board games and it is not hard to get a group together for this.


  • Exploding Kittens: This game is downright fun and can really get a party going! Exploding Kittens has a new edition that can play up to ten people. I do not have any experience with that many players but I know that the five player game is a real laugh! Bring this one out as an ice breaker or a great game to talk over.


  • King Of Tokyo: Get the rolling on the table with King Of Tokyo. The giant monster theme is completely disarming and just throwing dice down like that is really fun. Get players in the mood to play and let out that cut throat competition with a game that also will not add too much salt to the holiday dinner!


  • RPG one Shot: Now I have to add these in here. Most people are not going to want to get into RPGs because of the commitment or whatever, but if you are a GM then by god try to bring Everyone Is John, or Honey Heist on the table. These games can be really great and bringing that unique experience to the family can make some really great memories.


  • Ticket to Ride: This follows right along that same line of logic as Catan. This game is widely popular, easy to learn, strategy based, and downright fun. Think along these lines and try maybe Splendor too. These games are lighter but still Euro Games and it can be fun to get people thinking strategically.


  • Spyfall: Now I know what you are thinking. “Not any ‘One Night’ … games?” and my answer is “Yes avoid these at all costs” and here is why. The One Night games are simply too complicated. That’s hard to realize coming from the inside but honestly there are too many roles and that can get difficult. Social deduction games are a great way to get people interacting and having fun, but if you start adding a lot of rules than it could really get people out of the game. Other Social deduction games like Spyfall, Secret Hitler, and Bang do not have too many roles. The rules also wont bog down the play. Keep in mind you are looking to bring a game that is geared to noobs.



Good luck everyone when picking out what games you’ll bring to your holiday celebrations and truly from the bottom of my heart I am thankful to all of you, the readers. It’s been a wild seven months and I never thought that I would be able to do something even remotely like this. Remember what games are all about as you try to make it through this time. People are going through times of happiness, gladness, depression, anxiety, and so many other things. Keep in mind your fellow gamers and as we face the new year look forward to what we have in store for y’all!


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Happy Gaming.

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