When I first played Dungeons and Dragons, I never imagined that I would become so immersed in something much larger than the game. I became obsessed with paper RPGs of all makes and styles. In the past two years, I have played the d20, d6, and narrative dice system. I have played in GM and Character driven stories, Narrative and Action based styles, games of stylized artistry and games of gritty reality. Through all of these games and experiences I have learned and grown so much both as a player and as a person. Without any further ado, I want to share a quick list of my three favorite RPGs (that I have played, not out of ALL RPGs) and why I think you should play them!

  1. DnD/Wheel of Time RPG

Well I mean…it’s Dungeons and Dragons. Both of these games are based on a DnD system (WoT being originally based on 3.5, but there are plenty of fan-made updates for 5e and Pathfinder games) and have a really solid mechanical base with which to run a campaign. DnD is where I got my start, and I’ve said in many articles before that it holds a special place in my heart. I think it is a game with a wide audience because of it’s fantasy setting and the versatility of the D20 System to easily be applied to pretty much any setting. The Wheel of Time specifically is my favorite book series ever, and a huge inspiration to me as both a writer and as a GM. If DnD can be molded to fit a world that specific and unique, then I don’t believe there is a single setting the game cannot be applied to.

  1. End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are an enemy that may feel recycled at times. Everyone was crazy about them for awhile and now it seems that all interest has kind of fizzled out. At this point you may ask yourself, “if that’s the case, why did you bring up this game?” Simple. This game is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise tired genre of game. The unique thing about this game (and all of the other End of the World games) is that you’re encouraged to play as yourself. The game gets very personal, and  that lends some serious gravity to all of your decision making and interactions. The dice mechanics can be a little confusing to start, but once you get it down the game flows pretty smoothly. If you’re looking for an atmospheric, challenging, and very personal experience then I highly suggest this game.

  1. Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Age of Rebellion was my first introduction to the narrative dice system, and my goodness were my eyes opened! I have always been a big fan of star wars, but experiencing the universe in this way was breathtaking and exhilarating. The game, while in an obviously grandiose setting, brought a realism to it through both the dice mechanics and the character options. The dice ensures that no matter the outcome of your roll, there is always a chance for positives and negatives beyond the regular success/failure of a test. Furthermore, the game didn’t really allow you to become some badass force user and dominate every single encounter. The game is strategic, it’s as real as it gets, and it is so much fun!

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Thank you again for stopping by, and as always,

Happy Gaming!

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