About two weeks ago now I was able to hang out and talk to Will, the co-owner of Mutliverse Games. We got to discuss his space, the plans that the store has, and of course a little about Will himself as well! Today I’d like to go over a new special place in San Antonio called Multiverse Games!


The first thing I want to talk about is the store itself a little. Walking into Multiverse has you immediately surrounded by RPGs and Boardgames. The store literally opens into a store full of games. The best part is that some of these games are even games that are made right here in Texas, while others are games are out of print. Will and I actually talked about that a bit and as it turns out his partners Ray and Stella have been buying stock to start a store for a while and now that the store is open you can find some of these games, at least as long as the stock lasts. The point is that there is a pretty great selection of games, and not only that Will was sure to tell me multiple times that he plans on responding to the community’s wants and needs. If there are any games that you want on YOUR shelf then let him or any of the other employees know and they will get the game in your hands. Pre Ordered games even come with a special discount.


The next, and possibly most important physical aspect of the store is the game space. At first when I rolled up to Multiverse I was not expecting to see their back gaming area. The store itself has 2 major RPG spaces. The first is a secluded room that is it’s own space and is closed off to the rest of the store for privacy. The second room is much more exposed to the store but has a big enough table for a four player RPG easy and is also free to use while the time is available. I talked a lot to Will about the RPG scene at his store and what he was expecting. Will wants to see players come together in a safe place to play great games. Check their Facebook page to see what they are doing and hop in on some games. You may even see me running a thing here and there!


The table space is great too! The back room makes this place seem like a Tardis, bigger on the inside. Will is proud of his large, wooden dinner tables that measure three and a half feet by six feet in order to accommodate for any board game you can pull out, and even most war games. On top of that there is a huge open game shelf so that players can pick up a game at the store and just hang out. I checked out the collection and Multiverse is even toting new games like Kaiju Crush to play for free and decide if you want to buy. They even have a small bar (alcohol not included) where players can buy soda, water, and other refreshments to enjoy while they are gaming. The space also totes a rather large fenced in porch in the back that will wants to use for so many possibilities that may even exceed conventional gaming, so be on the lookout for that.


My favorite part about hanging out at Multiverse Game was hanging out with Will and his. They want to foster a safe and great place for local gaming. I asked Will some questions about the store and he had some really cool answers for me.

When I asked Will why they chose to open a game store where they did they talked about the demand in the area. Multiverse is far enough away from other stores that they needed to be out there. Plus they are close to SAC and the military  making it a great place for local nerds to hang out.

When asked about the direction of the store Will told me that he wants Multiverse to be a place that responds to gamers. What he meant is that Multiverse wants to be a dynamic entity in that it changes based on player’s needs. Will offers discounts to students and military and what he wants to see is gamers coming to him saying “this is what our community wants” so that he can tailor the store to our needs.

I asked Will where he saw the store in the far future and he simply wanted to expand. The guy wants to create game stores in areas of high demand where gaming can make a community better!

I also asked Will what his favourite game was and he said it was “All quiet on the Martian Front.” There were some good reasons but I think I’ll hold those back for when I get to review the game.

The point for all of this though was to get players out to multiverse because when a game store opens up they need our help to make an awesome space for us through input and of course BUSINESS! In that effort Will let me know that anyone who mentions this article and Nblogcollective will receive a ten percent store discount for some time! Be sure to mention us and pick up some fun games!

*sidenote, they are open from Wednesday to Sunday, so they are closed at the posting of this article

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Happy Gaming!

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