So this last weekend was the San Antonio GaMExpo and I just want to get this out of the way now. I had a blast! The expo was put together with the Otaku fair and they brought their A game as well. There was interesting panels about Cos play and voice acting as well as other things that I can’t say I totally understood, but that’s beside the point. I was there for the games and boy did the GaMExpo deliver. There are so many things to talk about that it will be hard to discuss it all in one article. Because of this I will probably do multiple articles this week as well as more detailed articles on the games that I picked up.


Today I want to talk about board games and the people who were playing them. I was really lucky because Colleen and Vince from Geek Out SA were showing me the ropes by letting me know who the indie developers were and where all the fun games were being played. I was lucky to meet some exceptional people and I was totally blown away.


The first gentleman I was able to talk to was Justin from Fireside Games. Justin runs an independent game company out of Austin and it was really cool listening to him talk about his games. I was immediately impressed with his games that he brought to the expo and picked up his newest game Kaiju Crush, a game about monsters taking down a city in a points based reign of terror. Now I know what you might be thinking “yeah I’ve played King of Tokyo too” to which I would have to respond. HERESY! This game is a completely different beast. Kaiju Crush is a modular game that doesn’t need dice. Conflict is resolved with a fun modified version of rock, paper, scissors, and the monsters move from place to place with a movement card economy. There are end goals as well that consider the shape of destruction, the spread, and the quality of your destructive behavior. I will be writing a more in depth review later, but for now you can be sure that any of Justin’s games are a good buy!


Another really cool person I was able to talk to was Doug from 42_Games. While Doug is more into working with charities and teaching people how to create, read, learn, and realize their full potential through Kiwanis and the literacy club, he still brought the heat with a fun game of his called Orbit! This game is actually not for sale anymore due to some licensing restrictions but I was lucky to get a copy in a silent auction. It’s a card game that plays on a board and has a really cool vintage space theme. I’ve been told to expect a reskin but I don’t have much more information on that. Talking to Doug was cool because you could tell that he loved reaching out to kids and to adults and he was willing to do whatever it took around the world to help people be more educated. In spirit of what he is trying to do I have to leave a Facebook link here to The Literacy Project which is Doug’s charity that he is trying (and succeeding) to spread world wide.


Last but not least is the Board Game Brothas Fahamu and Omari who brought out there game Rap Godz. I’m going to write about this game in more detail later but this is an old school hip hop feeling game that has players experience the ups and downs of being a rap legend. The game itself has fantastic custom art that  feels like Harlem Renaissance and is actually drawn by Fahamu himself and the board itself (a turntable) had a record that you can spin that keeps track of the score. It is a deck based game where players live through 3 main albums with 5 tracks each. Players play cards on themselves or play “beefs” on other players to change their career skills. The players can also rack up points by thinking strategically and playing to the objectives of the cities and their rapping style. This game was the perfect amount of silly, cool, and fun that made me loose complete track of time! Keep an eye out for them because I can guarantee this game is going somewhere.

I also got a chance to watch the board game creation panel with Game Crafter. Vince, Justin, and Doug all got to sit down and judge four board games made by people from independent hobbyists to aspiring board game makers. The competition was fierce and each of the four teams created something really special in a matter of twenty four to forty eight hours. I’ve gotta say it was really inspiring to see these cool games and I hope to see these creators continue with their dreams.


That was about it for board games at the expo. We at the Nerd Blog Collective want to say thanks to everyone involved with San Antonio GaMExpo and also thank you for reading. If you like this article be sure to share it with the links below. Also you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook @nblogcollective. You can also check out our Patreon here and see some of our the stuff we offer there too. Thanks for reading and as always,


Happy gaming!

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