Black Monk: This game is something of a conundrum. It is a GMless story that uses the “Praxis System” to help it’s players advance and build their stories. All of the characters are in a world where the sun always shines. That is, until the Black Monk comes and the sun goes away. As of now there are five different game setting for players to choose from, all with their own quirks and fears. The player’s objective is…whatever they want it to be! If you’re a fan of mystery and discovery, there is not doubt this game is for you. The game was very nearly complete when the Kickstarter launched, and is now 700% funded with 26 days remaining in it’s campaign. If there was ever a time to jump on the wagon, it would be now!


Rider of the Black Sun: As you can recall, I wrote an article about Trial of Champions and how much I love adventure books. Just like that this KickStarter campaign came up and I had to talk about it. This games mechanics are a little more complicated then the game I played and that’s not a bad thing. The story follows a character, hunted for a crime they seemingly created that they don’t remember committing. It’s up to you to find out the secrets of your past and save the world!

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