Sunset over water: This is a very simple and laid back board game that puts you in the shoes of a landscape artist looking to fill some commissions. Navigate the wilderness and create some beautiful art along the way! This game is developed by the same team that brought you “Herbacious,” so there is experience on the development team that we can trust to deliver something amazing. The game is already over 400% backed, and if you decide to back it as well you can get your copy sooner rather than later.


Snollygosteris another survival/social deduction game with only five days left to go. Drawn by the webcomic artist Mr. Lovenstein, Snollygoster sets the stage on a deserted planet where fuel Is low and trust is even lower. Each player takes on the role of a crew member from a crashed ship, as well as a hidden agenda that denotes their overall goal. This goal can be a simple as getting everyone off the planet alive; other goals indicate killing as many other players as possible. At the end of the game, points are totaled up based on how many objectives you managed to attain.

Aside from the silly (yet accurate) name, Snollygoster has an interesting art style and lighthearted humor (although you can order the NSFL pack to spice things up). With actions like infecting the food supply with dysentery, the game feels like a Space Oregon trail, with undertones of the [Donner Party] ( For any fans of (Dead of Winter) [], the resource gathering and trust issues may be a familiar mechanic.

Overall, Snollygoster is a solid Kickstarter investment. It’s already backed and hit at least one stretch goal, so additional funding is only necessary to add more cards to your order. If you want a quick evening game where you can laugh while giving your SO E.T. Coli, Consider throwing a few bucks at the game.

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: What more can be said about this game from the title? Well its a FATE system so expect some narrative action mixed in with your mouse biker gangs. Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse takes place in Thunder City where you will run a bike gang and go through the drama of both being a mouse and a bad ass biker.

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