Guardians Call: This is a very stylized game that blends together resource and Card collecting gameplay. Imagine if Catan had a live child with Munchkin…and that child was an angel!! Up to 5 players compete for the right to be called “Guardian of the Realm” by gathering resources and saving villagers. The game is intended to run somewhere between 30-45 minutes, so it’s a rather quick experience that just about anybody will be able to play! It’s about 80% funded at the moment, but almost all of the backing rewards guarantee you a copy of the game upon its release!

Elected: I have to hand it to these guys; if you told me you were making a board game that centered on political discussion, I’d probably back away slowly, checking for any obvious bumper stickers as I left. Where some games try to dance around hot-button topics, Elected: The Political Discussion Game charges in like a wounded bull. Each player starts as a normal Citizen, moving up through the ranks by answering questions in a way in which other players will agree with them. Once you reach the highest level, you then begin a series of questions on a variety of sensitive topics (e.g. religion, healthcare, immigration). Then the group votes for the candidate to ascend to the presidency!

This game falls under “bold strategies” in my book. In fact, the reason I decided to pick this game up was not because it had the most money behind it, or the best design (that’s not to slight the design—I love the “Vintage Milton Bradley” aesthetic. I think it’s an excellent choice, and well-executed). I decided to give this game a shout-out because it’s so outside the fold. It’s not another take on Resource Management, it’s not the “Dark Souls” of Planetary Exploration Games, and it’s not a JRPG Rogue-like tile-based Dungeon Crawler. It’s a game about talking about politics, in which you win by having the most people agree with you (which I suppose is similar to real politics). This game has the potential to create rifts in relationships that Settlers of Catan only dreams of. One thing’s for sure: If this game makes, the first thing I’m going to do if bring it home for post-Thanksgiving entertainment

Hobby Holder: There’s not too much to say about what the Hobby Holder is. Basically it looks like one of those million dollar ideas that you think “Why didn’t I think of that” once you check it out. This little device is a holder for all the various things you stick your minis to when you are trying to paint them. I always sticky tack my minis to a paint pot that I know I won’t be using. Instead you an use the Hobby Holder to literally get a handle on your minis. This gives you more control and stability when you are painting, allowing you to get better angles and stay in the lines a little better. Not only that the Hobby Holder helps you get a reverse grip as well so you can hole the thing any way that makes you comfortable.

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