At the dawn of the world there stood only the gods. They ruled absolute as they always had and always will. They looked over the land of Illimastos and many of them argued about what to fill the world with. Sorto, goddess of chaos, created vast reaches of water that stretched farther than any on land could see. These bodies of water would remain untamed and violent for all of their days. Siete crafted mountains from the earth that stretched as tall as the sky. They would stand forever as a testament to the eternity of time and its Queen. Olemus, the undisputed Queen of the Earth and Nature, populated the world with fruits and trees. The world turned green and beautiful under the hand of Olemus. There was one God, though, that thought of the world differently.


Tuote had a hand in all things for he was the God of Creation. He looked at the world being filled with thoughtless forms and dead space, and he felt a great loneliness. He took brine from the newly formed sea, steel from deep under the mountains, and fresh soil from the earth to his great forge. He shaped a being after himself. Tuote was smaller than the other gods, but he held power beyond their understanding. He created a being from steel and soil that stood with a small stature but their bodies were strong. They would be resilient and powerful, naturally able to create like their father before them. When their shape was finally formed, Tuote placed the form into the brine and breathed into the water.


The newly formed creature opened its eyes and took its first breath as the heat from Tuote’s breath destroyed the water around it. The creature stood, and immediately fell. Tuote picked it up and showed it how to take a step, and then how to walk. It creature opened its mouth, but only coughed and babbled. So Tuote taught the creature how to speak. Tuote devoted so much time and energy into this creature and its development that soon the creature took on confidence as though it were as powerful as Tuote himself. The King of Creation’s pride blinded him from the blatant overconfidence of his greatest creation, and he placed him into the world to be free.


After many years, the creature called up to Tuote and requested company. It was the only thing in Illimastos that had a voice aside from the gods, and it had grown tired of that. Tuote agreed and crafted a new creature to be a companion to his original creation. He called them Elgor and Kamma, as those were the names they chose for themselves. After decades of contentment, Tuote was caught off-guard yet again when Elgor and Kamma revealed that they wanted to have children of their own. After all, how could they be like Tuote unless they could create another life?


The King of Creation had to think very hard about this request. How would he give them the power to create without making them Gods? Then he had inspiration. He put them in a deep sleep and adjusted their forms. When they awoke they discovered that they were able to reproduce, but not in the same way that Tuote had originally done. Regardless, Elgor and Kamma were soon with child. Tuote was a proud father, and decided that his hand need not be so heavy anymore. After little more than a century, Tuote stepped away, leaving his children to their own lives for the first time. As another century passed, Elgor and Kamma came to call their race “Dwarves,” and they created the first city of any race on Illimastos. As was Tuote’s design, none in the community aged past adulthood and they lived together in peace for many years. Unfortunately for Elgor and his race, Tuote was not the only god who had kept an eye on them all of this time. They had drawn the attention of the entire pantheon, and soon they would know it.


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