Ohhh SNAP! It’s time to bring back my favorite article to write! We’ve been pretty busy at the collective recently. With school starting back up, plus jobs, and even some side projects, we have been diligently trying to keep our lives together. That being said I’ve had enough normalcy to get back into the swing of things and that means some more great KickStarter content. I’m happy to say that we are getting back into it with some great RPG content. I’m very excited to show you all what we like on Kickstarter this month.

ae4251e1b5d40f6e3439cef6f754d5dc_originalNumenera 2: This game has me chomping for the bit. Numenera is such a compelling universe to me and I couldn’t be more excited to see a new edition. First and foremost the game is not self identifying as a new edition, despite the name Numenera 2. The reason why they are saying this is because all of your old Numenera stuff will work with the new book. Mostly what we are looking for is rule clarification and slight changes. The writers wanted to give GM’s and player more options while clarifying there rule a little bit, so this is not a must buy for people who already have a copy, but it is a great buy in for players looking to get the game. Let’s talk about the Ninth World a little bit. Numenera is a setting about an ancient earth that has seen the rise and fall of multiple highly advanced societies. It boasts features such as multiple stars that have been moved by technology to keep the planet from freezing over, or technology that can summon forth heroes from time and space, and so much more. The players live in this sort of dark age of post apocalyptic planet where technology is so advanced that it is basically magic. On that level the people who can interact with this technology are basically wizards. This ancient technology is called “Numenera” This world is so full of life and adventure it begs to be GMed. Check out the Kickstarter and I promise you will not be let down.

the-island-of-el-dorado-tilesThe Island of El Dorado: This game is reminiscent of Catan but has a lot more to it. Players are basically trying to out explore each other in this game in order find the lost Island of El Dorado. At the same time players are gathering resources, building armies, and trying to develop there own  infrastructure. This game only has about 30 hours left to fund since I’ve posted this article and it is very much funded. Its obvious why too with the high quality looking pieces, great concept, and fun looking game play mechanics. If you are looking for a new board game I’d look no further then here!c3ad4712ae8834e602cccb32a56b2332_original

Forbidden Lands: This game looks pretty great too. The story is pretty fun for starters. An evil wizard and his daughter have taken over a great swath of land to do with as they please. The people there are their playthings and monsters are created abounding. What I like about this game is that it is focused for sandbox gaming. Sandbox games are very much different from narrative controlled games and they are very much considered a classic style of gaming. But hey! Classic is COOL! With forbidden land the players get to run around West World style to find their own glory and wealth. Good luck adventurers!

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Happy Gaming

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