I want to take my time from my regularly scheduled blogging and talk a little bit about what’s coming up for the Nerd Blog Collective. We’ve been writing now for a couple of months and all of us Nerd Bloggers decided to get together and talk about some goals that we should have for the website.

You see us Nerd Bloggers love games. We love them as much as our little wallets will let us and we want to spread that love to the world and, while we enjoy writing articles, we want to give more to our local and gaming community. Another thing that we wanted to do was improve what we can do as a team.

Our first project coming up is probably our biggest yet. With Hunter’s article ‘The spires of El’Riam and the sunken kingdom of Mandarel’ we have kicked off our own little world of magic and adventure. This is a story of our world’s deep past and the outcome will reflect the map. We plan on taking this setting all the way into the distant future and creating a multi-genre setting that can be adapted to multiple game systems (looking at you Genesys). Of course, this can take some time, but we are starting with short stories and other things to establish the setting.

Our writer Narb will be starting some Legacy games for us. Of course, legacy games can take forever to play through so it will be a bit of time before we get those reviews in, but when they do get here it will be great. In the meantime, we are going to be trying to reach out to the industry and creators and asking them questions. We hope to be able to get responses from them but we can’t do it without your help. Sharing our site with your friends and giving our website more notoriety will help us when we approach companies.

I myself  have been looking for ways for our website to give back to the community at large and have been touched by PathofPlay.com. It is a non-profit that is using gaming of all types to create a healthy environment for kids of all types and ages. It really touched my heart to see what they were doing and I encourage you to watch their movie. The PathofPlay project is launching a charity event in December to raise money for their learning center. I want to put together a play group for the event and raise money/awareness for their cause.

As you can see we have a new logo that a good friend of Collective’s made and with that we are trying to bring higher quality reviews about newer products. On that note, we are opening a Patreon page. We are hoping as a website to get enough money to buy a board game or do one RPG per month in order to bring y’all some quality new reviews. We have a few rewards for backing and hope to even start GMing for players in our new setting for rewards eventually. We have even set up a voting system to decide what games we get to review!

With that being said this wouldn’t be possible without you the readers. We appreciate you so much and while this is something that we do for fun, it’s also something that we do for you. We wouldn’t be able to do all of this without you helping us. I want to make some time to step back and say thank you to everyone who has helped us out. My wife and my family have been encouraging me to learn how to do all of this from the beginning, my writers Narb and Hunter have kept this website floating with all of the content they add without being asked, my good friend Ken, he doesn’t write for the website but his input is invaluable, and all of my friends and viewers who have been sharing viewing our content. Thank you all for everything that you’ve done for The Nerd Blog Collective.

As we finish out August and start in September we look forward to seeing what this website can do for our hobby and our community. Be sure to let your friends know about the website and what we do with our share buttons below. Also you can check us out @nblogcollective on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to check out our Patreon Page here and look at our contribution levels! Also if you want us to write about something or have any questions be sure to Contact Us or comment in the section below and as always…


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