I recently purchased King of Tokyo at Target because it was on clearance and mostly because it’s an awesome game. I never thought I’d see the old game on a target shelf with the newer King of New York out so I was pretty happy to find this copy for such a good price. I’m not here to brag about deals I manage to get off the target clearance section though, (although I do suggest checking them out sometimes they have surprisingly cool games) I’m here to review a classic game.


I bought King of Tokyo because I had family over and I knew they would love it. It’s a casual board game take on the classic giant monster genre, with giant robots and and super mutant monsters battling it out for control over a ruined Tokyo. Expect this dice roller to last you around 30 minutes with light rules and a surprisingly dynamic amount of strategies to achieve victory. We played two or three games at around 30 minutes a piece and we had a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of reasons for that.



  • The art and theme look great! Seriously though this game has pictures of robot dragons, tiny cats piloting giant cat robots, fur monsters riding on jet packs, and so much more. Looking at the art on this game is so much fun that it can even be a little distracting but it’s obvious that love was spent on every one of these cardspic3043736_md
  • The theme of this game is fun and inviting. Even though it’s about the destruction of Tokyo this game still hits that awesome Godzilla/lame monster flick vibe in the perfect way that makes it seem very fun to newcomers
  • The play time is right around thirty minutes. Playing a “real quick” board game can mean a lot to newcomers, or warming up or whatever. King of Tokyo warms up your dice rollers and gets you in the mood for more games! That’s when you break out the light euro games like Catan and Ticket to ride.
  • The rules are easy and encourage strategic thinking. Our first round playing this game (I’ll admit it had been a little while for me) was easy. It took me about five minutes both learning the rules and setting the game up. It took even less time for me to teach each player how the game works. After my first turn we all had the game down. Then after the first round we all started trying to get sneaky. My wife won the game by strategically giving up the spot in Tokyo and picking off the other players one by one. The next game I won in a completely different way by using upgrade card to continually gain victory points. There were a few other unique strategies just between the three of us as well, but the point is that the game is very strategically dynamic for a little thirty minute dice roller.
  • It travels very well. Personally my nightmare land is organizing my x wing or imperial assault pieces. Having to buy your own storage for games after you’ve sunk so much money on a game can be frustrating. Not only that but putting up a big board game can be tough. Not only do you have to worry about making sure everything is put up correctly but you also get the added tas of balancing other people who want to help yet have no idea where you want everything to be.With King of Tokyo it’s obvious where all of the pieces fit in the box. The little energy cubes already come with a tiny bag and it all fits in a compact spot that make it easy to carry and move around.
  • king-of-tokyo-dice1It’s made out of good materials. The only thing in the whole box that makes me nervous are the energy cubes because of how small they are but even they are very cool. The dice are a little on the larger side and that was a little annoying to me, but they are clean and easy to read. The symbols made sense which upped the pace of the game in my opinion. The small energy cubes look almost squishy but they are hard and are almost instinctively understood as energy cubes. The board is solid and the character turn trackers are fun to use and the wheels feel smooth.



I would suggest this game to anyone trying to get into the hobby and any vets looking to have a quick game if they haven’t already heard about it. This game is sure to get some laughs and really get you pumped up for some more great games!


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Happy Gaming!

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