20b330871ae1eb92257c63102c596a00_originalMr. Bones wave four: That’s right! Bones has a new wave coming out and even though you may have heard about it we can’t help but to bring it up. As I am writing this, Bones has funded just short of one million dollars! For 100 dollars minimum you will get more minis then I personally would know what to do with. This campaign can only go up from here- it’s just about how many minis you want.

79c695af9a3d35f8b375f947c497269d_originalStars without number: The world is in ruin. The empire that man once treasured fell when the star gates were destroyed. For centuries man has sent explorers into the dark reaches of space, and now they only have one question to ask. Will you be the next to go forth?

Stars without number has just recently been remastered!! A full color version of the game has been re-released for backing on kickstarter. For a low buy-in of $10 (USD) you will get a fully downloadable version of the game for you to play, and the deals only get sweeter from there. Be sure to check it out!!

ed06a483242e6fca627a2da72511a556_originalVISITOR in Blackwood Grove: VISITOR is a highly cognitive game that tests not only your ability to think creatively, but also your ability to recognize patterns within everyday objects. It is a game that is simple to play and easy to understand, but also extremely challenging if you have the right company. It relies heavily on teamwork and intuition, so it benefits you to get a group of people together who know one another pretty well. The lowest buy in is $5 (USD which gets you printables of all of the game pieces, and the donation to get the full board set is only $17 (USD)!!



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Happy Gaming!

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