Hello everyone! It’s time for my favorite post of the week. I love going through KickStarter once a week and just finding cool things for y’all to check out. Today we have a good mix of euro, table top, and something a little more relaxed. That being said let’s check out what we at the Nerd Blog Collective like this week.

fog-box-front-v4Founder of Gloomhaven: This is a standalone game where players get to build the city of Gloomhaven. Players get to build resources off of each other in order to get more prestige upon the completion of Gloomhaven. This is a good looking euro game with classic resource management and strategic elements that will keep you and your friends coming back for more. Another cool thing about this game is if you want to try it out they offer a digital model to play a little for table top simulator. This extra mile is really interesting to me because you don’t see that kind of stuff on KickStarter very often.

d42326fcfd90f24d8c13a3f9f4fa7584_originalEscape the Boardgame 2nd edition: This is a fun looking table top game where player are trapped underground with a terrible A.I. trying to kill them. Everyone plays a character looking to fulfill a goal in order to win while also working with other players to survive. This game looks fun with cool looking minis, an awesome flavor and some old fashioned mini fighting, I think this game shows promise.

Beasts of Balance: This is a more laid back game from our other two, but it still looks promising. Beasts of Balance has the obvious balancing of beasts on a fancy looking pedestal, but it also has a digital aspect as well. I know that digital media being brought into board games is a bit of a divisive topic, but still this game looks fun. Player balance creatures and power ups on the podium to buff themselves on the digital field of battle where your hard earned balancing skills give you the upper hand. Each piece is scanned by the podium and then used on the device of your choosing. All in all I’d say its a pretty fun game and is worth checking out.


Thanks for checking out what we like on Kicktarter this week and be sure to check us out next week with a new article. If you don’t want to wait that long that’s ok too because we usually post four or five times a week. Sign up for our emails for notifications on our articles. Also be sure to follow us on social media @nblogcollective. If there’s anything that you like on KickStarter that you want us to check out then leave us a comment, and if you would like for us to write about something in particular then be sure to write us an email on our Contact Us Page, and as always

Happy Gaming!

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