We at the collective love board games and board game accessories. That why every Sunday we write a short post about some cool stuff we see on Kickstarter. This week we found a cool board game storing bag, a quick looking card game about robots (we love robots) and something with a little more substance that looks really fun.

f286a725196a9e2ff700fa934d156dde_originalBoard Game Garage: This looks to me like a big solution to an equally big problem. If you’re like me then you have a lot of board games, and you like to move those board games from place to place because that’s he only way you’ll get to play them. Sometimes bringing all of your board games to a central location can get kind of tricky though, and here is where board game garage comes in. Seriously though watch the videos on the kickstarter page itself. They put all sorts of things in here and the bag itself folds down into a relatively small and easy to store place. I like this because I want something I can put in my trunk and keep all my board games from sliding all around the place. This bag is priced a little high for me and I would like to see and feel the materials before I get it (if the zippers last or how the shoulder strap performs) but as it looks the bag is a really good idea!

937b176e7a1109efc21a58a944bbabed_originalRobottery 101: Is a pretty epic looking card game. This is your casual steal your buddies stuff and try to score points kind of gig. Honestly since we started doing the kickstarter articles I’ve seen these games be a dime a dozen on kickstarter so it’s both hard and easy to keep featuring these. The way that I judge these kind of games is not if my military mind can beat my buddies. I look at them more like my buddy just came into town to chill out and we might want to play a quick game, or I want to play something with my sisters that they won’t immediately sigh at me because I’m about to destroy them at a game. So what does Robottery bring to the table that makes me feel like this game is fun? It looks quick and quick games are the kind of games that are okay to loose at. It looks neat and that’s because robots. I have loved robots ever since Star Wars and I don’t think I’ll kick that love any time soon. On top of that the cards look cool and you get to build your own robot. The rules look quick. I love table top games that have two different rule books, a quick reference, and a youtube tutorial, but at the same time I recognize that sometimes people don’t have that kind of time or patience in the moment to play. That’s why games like this or Munchkin will always have a place in my board game closet.

d0806792483bf6d603c82cbe998de7cd_originalThe Stonebound Saga: Now this is a game that I truly believe will end up in board game shops in a lot of places. This game is on the exact opposite side of the spectrum then Robottery. We have a lot of things going on here with special cards, units, and even character/unit building. This is the kind of game that you and your buddies can really get down and game to. That being said let me talk about some of the things I like about this game. Its already funded so if you back this game you are going to get it. This game still plays at an hour and a half (two hours if you’re me and my friends) but the mechanics are something you can really commit to. This game also looks beautiful with great looking card art, its own lore, and a great flavor that is very intriguing to me. This game looks like it can offer the same challenge and demand the same thought as some of the best games out there right now. When my friends come over, they’ll be coming over knowing that they will be playing this game, but at the same time we are going to have a lot of fun with it.

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