Hello all! This week we have scanned the Kickstarter page in hopes of finding some cool new nerd stuff for you to check out. Luckily for us there are still some really amazing creators out there looking to get their ideas and products off of the ground, and this week we have just a couple that we think you guys might like. Check it out and be sure to share our article with anyone else who might be interested.


Top Secret: The New World Order: This is a fun looking espionage game for any James Bond nerds out there. This game comes with many unique skills and spy stuff, like laser watches and computer hacking, that can help you defeat any evil mastermind, group of new world order Nazis, or whatever organization is currently trying to hold the world hostage. What I like about this game though, and what really caught my eye was all the stuff the game came with. Seriously I thought it was a table top game from the pictures but it isn’t. You get everything you need including extra things that most other games make you buy separately such as a GM screen and even player mats. It uses its own custom dice system that really doesn’t seem all that original to me, but does work on keeping the narrative going while still being a little crunchy. That being said, it looks like a fun RPG for the system and has some awesome Kickstarter exclusive gear that looks fun.


Arcana Note: This is plain and simple a very cool looking DnD 5e accessory. A small handbook size binder made from superior materials that look amazing. This little notebook comes with pretty much anything a player needs and can actually keep things moving pretty fast. Some of the accessories in this book are a ruler to make measuring spells and movements fast, it’s own custom character sheets that make things easy to see, quest logs, initiative trackers, condition cards, and even a leather dice box that folds and stores inside of the book itself. The only downside for this book is that it doesn’t come in other games yet. They do state on the Kickstarter campaign that there will also be PDF’s to replace the used up sheets and they will sell refills as well if you don’t want to print them so no worries there.


Covil: Now this game looks like just plain good fun to me. It honestly has everything that I want in a short game (not that I don’t like long games). With multiple maps, funny references, all the cards you could want with their own player organizing mat, and a 45 minute playtime, Covil seems to earn its place as a quick and fun game. The rules look easy to handle and the varying level of cards make it so that players can mix up their strategies and still have a competitive amount of fun. Players get 4 rounds with three phases, and at the end of the game players use gold and items to add up victory points, so in this way its not an all out war game.

We at the Nerd Blog Collective hope that you enjoyed these Kickstarter projects and hope you let your friends know about them as well. Be sure to follow us on social media (the links are in the bottom of the page), comment on any games you’ve played recently and even let us know if there is anything you want us to talk about use our Contact Us page and shoot us an email. 

Happy Gaming!

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