This is just some of the new stuff that the nerd blog collective has seen on Kickstarter this week that we think looks cool and might even be worth looking into. Have you seen anything on Kickstarter this week that you think looks promising? Let us know by commenting on the article and be sure to share so that some other nerds out there might get to look at some cool stuff


Saga World Builder is a really cool tile system used for any kind of fantasy table top setting. When I looked at these tiles I had just finished looking at a different tile thing on Kickstarter where the tiles were stone looking pieces that were modular, they looked amazing, were handcrafted and just were overall beautiful. That being said I decided to feature these tiles instead for many reasons. Sometimes something being more ornate doesn’t  make something easier to play, and honestly with the price difference I would rather have these sheets at about 36 dollars U.S. you cant beat that price. This project is already funded it’s just a matter of what kind of tiles you want.


Killbots is a card game about… you guessed it, killer robots. Honestly it’s hard to describe the sense of humor in this game but the basics of it are easy to understand and play. The game pretty much is you building a killer robot and using it to defeat your enemies. On top of that your “killbot” has the chance of turning against you or exploding in a way that makes the game about strategy and just a hint of luck. You will enjoy buffing your “killbots” with things like pants and random lasers. Plus it plays easily in 30 to 45 minutes. This game is already funded so definitely check it out.


Torg Eternity is the last Kickstarter campaign that I want to talk about this week. It is a classic RPG re-imagined and from what I hear it brings credit to its predecessor. The game takes place on an Earth that has been taken over by the “High Lords” that impose their rule by creating alternate realities on every major continent. Every reality holds its own RPG style that characters use to play multiple unique sessions, and yes there is a cyber papacy as well. Be sure to give Torg a look over if you’re looking for a new RPG to get behind. Torg has funded on Kisckstarter now and is pretty close to unlocking all of its stretch goals so be expecting to see some cool content for this game.

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