Now, I want to get one thing straight before we get into the meat of this article. Do not play this game if you are easily offended! The entire point of the game is to make things as insanely offensive as possible, and the topics presented in the game lend themselves to this idea. If you can stomach some raunchy or semi-offensive humor though, Cards Against Humanity can offer an experience quite unlike any other.

The rules: 

So the premise of the game is quite simple. One player, known as the Card Czar, draws a black card that acts as your topic. This card will have at least one blank space. The rest of the players will use their white cards to try to fill in the blank. The Card Czar will select the white card that they believe makes the black card the funniest, and whoever played that card will receive the black card, which will act as one point. Then the title of Card Czar gets passed to the next player on the right. The first player to reach a predetermined amount of points wins!

The experience:

 Cards against humanity, while simple, can offer many different styles of gameplay. Each Card Czar is going to judge your cards differently, which can lead to hilarious results! For example, one Czar may go for the wackiest choice, while another might go for the most realistic. In this way, you learn a lot about the people that you’re playing with and have to choose your cards wisely in order to fit the personality of the Card Czar that turn.


Another interesting facet of this game is the low barrier to entry that it offers to all of its players. The rules are simple, the game is easy, and it doesn’t require an insanely long time commitment. Games can be really short or last while depending on how many cards you need to win. On top of that, the game gets very entertaining when you see all of the players react to a particularly off the wall pairing. All of these things come together to create a dynamic and fun game that you should definitely play at least once.

Extra notes:

Now, I understand that this game is designed for a more mature audience. That’s perfectly fine! If there are any parents out there, just know that you are not excluded from having a good time! The same people that created Cards Against Humanity also made the much more kid-friendly Super Fight. This game follows the same Black/White card formula, with a couple of changes. Everyone draws from both decks. A black card gives you a basic superhero or person (like Godzilla or Batman) and the white cards modify that hero in a certain way (such as “…with a cannon”.) This game provides a kid-friendly alternative to Cards Against Humanity that allows children to express their inner creativity in fun and unique ways. So parents don’t fear! Believe it or not, some card games actually are for all ages.

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