It’s true! You could be playing RPGs in two pages or less and here is how it’s done:

Game makers were challenged in 2014 to make a 2 page RPG system that was better than all the others and it really brought the concept into the spotlight for me. We got games such as Police Cops, and Everyone is John. Not only were there actually 200 page RPG’s out there too, but also simple two page ones! The fun thing about them is that they’re everywhere and cover just about everything you want or need. With such a wide array; I think the best thing would be to cover my favorite 2 page RPG’s and then the second will be a Pro/Con list.

Let’s talk about my favorite 2 page RPG, Everyone is John:

First off if you want to try the system it’s easy to just look up in Google. It’s on 4chan, Reddit, and the original publisher’s site so it’s pretty safe to say it will be on the Internet for a while. My favorite part about it though is the unique perspective that “Everyone is John” offers players. Every player picks a skill and they pick a set of secret goals. Then the players are given points (usually represented by dice or poker chips) and spend them against each other to bid for control over John.

        John is course an individual afflicted with multiple personality disease. It’s very unfortunate that he has a group of personalities that want to say… lick as many people as possible without anyone knowing or steal government secrets and sell them to the highest bidder. It literally can be anything and the power struggle is hilarious.

The best part is that it doesn’t just have to be John, it can be anyone. There is a podcast called “One Shot” where they have a batman special and play everyone is joker. All of the players used their best joker voice and had him do a bunch of crazy stuff including trying to get away from Batman himself. The whole episode was hilarious and proved the versatility of the game

        I personally had a play through planned for a buddies bachelor party where everyone was going to be Austin (my buddy was getting married) and we were going to be playing on his wedding day, doing whatever mischief we could manage but we had plenty of other things to do so we didn’t end up playing, but it was going to be funny for sure. Of course with something like that, you need people who are going to show proper judgment but I was pretty confident in that group not to do anything inappropriate but that’s not neither here nor there. The point is that the game could easily be tailored to come up with a fun new concept every time. There was no set time or place for john so it’s really up to the imagination of the players involved for what John could do

        Everyone is John is GM-less too if you want it to be. So not only do you have a bunch of opportunities to do whatever you want, everyone can get in on the action and do what they’ve got to do.

Lasers and Feelings:

        Lasers and feelings is a great Star Trek parody that has character use either lasers or feelings to complete tasks. So you get your characteristics and choose you laser or feelings on them and depending on the nature of you solving something you have to roll a d6 accordingly.

        This game is so much fun and pretty much relies on how much you can BS your GM. It’s hilarious to hear players make up excuses and try to talk the GM into how deactivating a computer uses feelings instead of lasers. Plus Star Trek parodies let you show off your Shatner accent so honestly what can you lose.

        These are just a two separate two-page RPGs and you can see how fun they are. I didn’t have much to say about lasers mostly because it fits into a lot of the pros that I have in my Pros Cons list but trust me, it’s worth the five seconds it takes to download these games for free and run them when need be

Pros and Cons:

So there are some cool things about 2 page RPGs but that doesn’t make them proper replacements for the textbooks that we’ve all grown to know and love. So I’ll line out some pros and cons for if you’re thinking about tackling one of these unique systems


  • 2 page RPGs can be played on the fly
  • They can be easily read, understood, and explained
  • If you’re missing some party members 2 page RPG are great fillers for when you can’t play your main game
  • They can be pretty refreshing to play every now and then
  • They do not need to any extra material such as character sheets or anything usually over d6’s


  • They don’t make for good long term campaigns
  • 2 page RPGs can have rules that are hard to nail down such as enemy stats or anything along those lines
  • They require a lot of improvisation and if you or your players are not down for that then they will not enjoy the experience
  • Just like Indi games there are a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones so it all depends on looking up previous reviews and whatnot to decide which 2 page RPG that you want to play

I would really like to hear about everyone else’s favorite RPGs:

We would love to hear about any 2 page RPGs that you might like or have played at all. Please comment and share to continue the conversation

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