So, every weekend we at the collective are going to be looking over KickStarter and finding some cool games that we think are worth a look over. Be sure to like, share, and sign up with your email to let your friends know about our awesome website and become one of the collective.


Human Interface is a game that is already funded and will be coming out to the public fairly soon. It has some cool stretch goals and a lot of neat stuff to add onto the game. The game is amazingly created for a table top setting with a cyber punk spin, and cyber punk is always fun, but the coolest thing that strikes me here is the minis and the attention to intricate detail in the pieces. With three game modes and cooperative play, this game is a stand alone and expansion that looks like it will bring a lot of fun and adventure to the players. Click here to check out their campaign.

b91eaa9a4c665b87a145fa7614594850_originalScuttler’s Island is a more casual paced game. It’s only halfway through its goal and with three days left I don’t know the odds of it actually meeting its goal. That would be a shame though, because this game looks like it has the potential to be a great one. An all out up to 8 player game, where it’s every man for themselves and anything can happen. The rules are made as it goes and it looks like its one of those where the players mold the game into whatever they want by playing the story line themselves. It’s definitely worth checking out here


The Component Collector is a cool looking accessory for organizing your table top. You can store your tabletop pieces, dice, and other things with a look of well thought ease. The project is already funded and the storage solutions look intelligently designed. The pieces hold together with magnets and look to be made with some well crafted wood pieces. All of that put together, with a relatively low buy in compared to other wooden game accessories, means that it is definitely worth a purchase. You can check out this campaign here.

Thanks for looking over the article and be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think about these kickstarter campaigns, and recommend more for the team to review. Be sure to let your friends know about the collective by sharing and liking our blogs, and become part of the collective!!!

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